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Nofx - All My Friends In New York Chords

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All My Friends In New York Chords
Version #1

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F C Am F C
[Verse 1]
Staying home is not really an option
Fm                       C
For alcoholics living in Manhattan
Have you seen the size Of John Bush's apartment?
F                         C
It's a bit smaller than a glove compartment
D                  F           C
For all my friends in New York
    Am             F
The next 10 rounds are on me
[Bridge 1]
C Am F C
[Verse 2]
New Yorkers have the most familiar faces
F                                   C
And they do there drugs in The most public places
Every week an old friend shows up, surprise
F                       Fm          C
And wants my friends to stay Up for the sunrise
Am                 F          C
Hello Max, Johnny, John, Omar
Am                 F          C
Hello sun, goodbye Niagara Bar
    Am             F
The next 10 rounds are on me
[Verse 3]
How many times can you listen to Blondie
F                               C
The Clash, The Ramones and that Strokes song?
How many people can we fit in a bathroom?
F               Fm             C
That Ryan Adams guy is f**king crazy
Am       F          C
To Pete, Brian, and Jimmy G
D                         F      C
The next ten lines are on me

How to play "All My Friends In New York" by NOFX on guitar

When playing, use normal tuning and adhere to the chord progression.
Strumming with a steady pace emphasizes chord changes.

- Chords: F, C, Am, F, C
- Strumming each chord smoothly and evenly sets the tone for the song.

[Verse 1.]
- Chords: C, Am, F, C.
- Begin with C, strumming gently.
- Go to Am, then F, and back to C.
- Maintain a constant strumming pattern and emphasize crisp transitions.

[Bridge 1.]
- Chords: C, Am, F, C.
- Repeat the chord progression from the introduction.
- Keep your strumming consistent and smooth.

[Verse 2.]
- Chords: C, Am, F, Fm.
- Start with C and progress to Am.
- Move to F, then to Fm.
- Make sure the transitions are smooth and maintain a consistent beat.

[Verse 3.]
- Chords: C, Am, F, Fm.
- Similar to Verse 2, with the same chord progression.
- Strum each chord with a consistent rhythm.

Common mistakes
- Rushing transitions between chords, particularly between F and Fm.
- Strumming too forcefully and losing control of the beat.
- Not sticking to a regular strumming pattern.

NOFX's song "All My Friends In New York" explores friendships and
New York City's lively nightlife scene. The lyrics describe social gatherings
and the vitality of the city. NOFX, a Los Angeles-based punk rock band, is
recognized for its humorous lyrics and fast-paced music. Formed in 1983,
the band has been important in the punk rock scene and has a loyal fan following.            
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