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Bryan Adams
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                Everything I Do (I Do It For You) by Bryan Adams

   INTRO [C] [G] [F] [G]

   [C] Look into my eyes, [G] you will see [F]what you mean to [G]me
   Search your [C]heart, search your [G]soul and when you
   [F]find me there, you'll [C]search no [G]more
   Don't [Dm]tell me it's not worth [C]trying [Dm]for
   You can't [Dm]tell me it's not worth [C]dying [Dm]for
   You know it's [C/G]true, everything I [G]do, I do it [C]for you
   [C] Look into your heart, [G] you will find, there's
   [F]nothing there to [G]hide
   Take me as I [C]am, take my [G]life, I would
   [F]give it all, I would [C]sacri[G]fice
   Don't [Dm]tell me it's not worth [C]fighting [Dm]for
   I can't [Dm]help it, there's nothing [C]I want [Dm]more
   You know it's [C/G]true, everything I [G]do, I do it [C]for you
      There's [Bb]no love like [Eb]your love, and no
      [Bb]other could give [F]more love
      There's [C]no where unless
      [G]you're there, all the [D]time, all the [G]way
            [F]                [C]                        [F]             [C]
    --------8h10--8b-8b-8b-6-| (bend the three 8's one half note each)
   Oh you can't [Dm]tell me it's not worth trying [G]for
   I can't [Dm]help it there's nothing I want [G]more
   [F]Yeah I would [C]fight for you, I'd [G]lie for you, walk the
   [F]wire for you, yeah I'd [Fm]die for you
   You know it's [C]true, everything [G]I do, [F]oh,[F6] I do it [C]for you
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