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Secondhand Serenade - Broken Chords

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Broken Chords

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Secondhand Serenade
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                This one is in standard tuning.  It is rather easy.  
I made up chord names because there are 
no official names for them.  
The trick to this song, is to mute the A string 
on the ‘C’ chord.
There are more tabs like this at:

  C      D      E      B      A
|-0-|  |-0-|  |-0-|  |-0-|  |-0-|  e
|-0-|  |-0-|  |-0-|  |-0-|  |-0-|  b
|-4-|  |-4-|  |-4-|  |-4-|  |-4-|  g
|-2-|  |-2-|  |-2-|  |-4-|  |-2-|  D
|-4-|  |-x-|  |-0-|  |-2-|  |-2-|  A
|-0-|  |-4-|  |-0-|  |-0-|  |-0-|  E

Intro:  C D E

       C               D
In the moonlight, your face it glows
E                              C
Like a thousand diamonds, I suppose
         D                    E
And your hair flows like, the ocean breeze
      C                    D                E
Not a million fights could make me hate you
You’re invincible, yeah it’s true
             D          E
It’s in your eyes where I find peace

      A              D             E
Is it broken, can we work it out
Let’s light up the town, scream out loud
      A              D             E
Is it broken, can we work it out
I can see in your eyes you’re ready to break
(mute)         C - D - E
Don’t look away

           C            D
So here we are now in a place where
    E   E      E            C         D
The sun blends in, with the ocean thin
So thin we can stand
  C                     D
Across from each other, together we’ll wonder
   E                  C
If we will last these days
     D                           E
If I asked you to stay would you tell me
                  C - D - E
You would be mine
    C       D
And time is all I ask for
E                          C - D - E
Time, I just need one more day
    A                 D
And time, you’ve been crying too long
Time, and your tears wrote this song
D - E - B

(soft) C               D             E
In the moonlight, your face it glows


Outro:  C - D - E
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