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Mayday Parade - Ghosts Chords

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Ghosts Chords

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Mayday Parade
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                Such an easy song, standard tuning, have fun! =D

      C                       E
There's a ghost in my bedroom it haunts me at night
      Am           G            F
I've asked him to leave but he keeps stopping by
 D                        G
Just when I think that I'm alone
    C        E            Am
He shows up again with a friend this time
         F             G
And now this is getting old
                    C    E   Am
I don't know what to do
F              G                C
Metaphorically, this ghost is you.

          C                        E
Now this ghost in my bedroom, he gives me advice
      Am         G             F
He promised one day that he'll teach me to fight
F                           G
Now when I think that I'm alone
    C           E           Am                  F               G
He comes up my way with a devil smile, singing this is now my home
                C        E     Am     
You're my wish come true
           F                  G              C            (G*)
When you reach that golden cloud, I'll be there with you

                F               C                    E                Am      G
If there were monsters in the closet, well I don't think I would be surprised
             F                  C                    G                       Am     G 
I hear them call out from my window, then try and trick me to come outside (I won't let you down) 
                   C                    E           Am        G             F
We talked all day, I can't tell if he's real or a made up version of her again
            C              G             
Never alone, cause I got you, get this out my head

C - E - Am - G - F - D - G
C - E - Am
             F             G                   C   E   Am
No I won't waste away my love on to something new
             F              G
If there's only one way out
                   C     (G*)
I'll come back for you

           F               C              E                   Am    G    
If I get stuck out there forever, tell everyone that I said goodbye
              F                 C                   G                      Am      G      F
You're on my lifelong list of wishes, if I could bring you back, we don't belong here now
            C                  E                     Am        G        F                 C           
If he stays, well that just means I've got numbered days til' I go back to my little world
                 G                          C
where it's just me and my imaginary friends

C - E - Am - F

  So go out and love, find a new direction
E                                            Am
  Here's my heart, keep it for protection, don't get stuck on your way
  The other side's a scary place
C                               E
  Do your best not to be afraid, lose it all when we run away
Am                            F
Letting go of the little things you know I do
           C                             E
There's a ghost in my bedroom, and he's dying to meet you
                 Am                                 F
God knows he's heard all about you, I guess he's friendly enough, though I've seen him lie
C                  E
Always sneeking roses in your bed
Am                           F                               C
  He says he won't let you down, but he will, he will, he will

(G*) = Dont know what chord goes here, but a G sounds right
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