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Dave Matthews Band - Crush Chords

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Crush Chords

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Dave Matthews Band

Off the Album "Before These Crowded Streets" - 1998
Drop D Tuning: DADGBE

Chords Used: (lowercase "B" = flat)


Bm:		x2443x
Bm(b6)		x2403x
E7sus4		2X023X
E13sus4		2x022x
Fsus2(#4)	3x500x
Fsus2		3x55xx
G		5x500x
Gsus4		5x55xx
C5		x355xx
E5		2224xx
Gsus2		557xxx
Asus2		779xxx
Fsus2viii	x81012xx
G5		x101212xx
Gix		x10912xx
G5iii		555xxx
F5		333xxx
E5(type2)	222xxx
D5		121212XXX
C5(type2)	101010xxx
B5		999XXX
Bb5		888XXX
B5ii		x244xx

Bass Line Intro:

E----------------------------I --------------------------------I
B----------------------------I -------------------------2------I
G-----------------------2--4-I --4---------------2-----------4-I
D(4)----------4--4-----------I --------------4-----------------I
A-----2--2-------------------I -------2--2---------------------I
D----------------------------I --------------------------------I

Bm    Bm(b6)   E7sus4       E13sus4
Crazy, How it, feels tonight
Fsus2(#4)  Fsus2  G   Gsus4 C5                   Bm
Cra   -    zy,    How you,   Make it all alright Love
       Bm(b6)     E7sus4       E13sus4
Crush me, with the, things you do
    Fsus2(#4)  Fsus2  G   Gsus4  C5             Bm
And I          do,    For you,   Anything too, Oh
    Bm(b6)   E7sus4       E13sus4
Sitting, Smoking, Feeling High
    Fsus2(#4)  Fsus2  G   Gsus4  C5     E5
And in         this,  mo - ment, Oh, it feels so right

Gsus2                     Asus2
Lovely Lady, I am at your feet
             C5         E5
Oh God I want you so badly
Gsus2                              Asus2
And I wonder this, Could tommorrow be
                C5        Bm
As wondrous, as you there sleeping?

Verse 2
        Bm(b6)      E7sus4        E13sus4
Let's go, Drive till, Morning comes
Fsus2(#4) Fsus2  G     Gsus4  C5                  Bm
Watch     the,   sun - rise,  to fill our souls up
              Bm(b6)     E7sus4       E13sus4
We'll drink some, wine till, we get drunk, Yeah!

        Fsus2viii     G5            C5               Gix           Fsus2viii
It's crazy,       I'm thinking just knowing that the world is round
   G5         C5     Gix          Fsus2viii
And here I'm dancing on the ground
     G5           C5  Gix         Fsus2viii
Am I right side up or upside down?
    G5          C5
And is this real
Or am I dreaming?



(Violin Solo)

G5iii F5 E5(type2)

G5iii F5 E5(type2)

G5iii F5 D5 C5(type2) B5 Bb5 G5iii F5 E5(type2)

G5iii F5 D5 C5(type2) B5 Bb5 G5iii F5 E5(type2)







For the outro, just fool around with Bsus2, Bm7 and Esus2, Em7 chords. 8 counts of B, 
then 8 counts of E. If you do 8 of Bsus, then do 8 of Esus, etc, etc, etc, fade out, fade in, 
fade out again, abrupt ending. Or whatever you feel like.

(NOTE: The timing to this song, as to most DMB songs is tricky. I recommend listening to the song
to get the hang of it. The chord changes are subtle, especially if they are variations of the same chord.
If you do email, put "crush Tab" in the subject line. Please nothing about how I don't know what I'm
talking about. I already know that.)
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