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Calling - Thank You Chords

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Thank You Chords

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                Thank You-The Calling

Tune Down ½ Steps: Eb Ab C# F# Bb Eb

    - Em7 -      - D -    - Bmsus4 -   - Cadd9 -     - Am -        - G -      - Gmaj7 -
eb  ---3---     ---2---     ---0---     ---0---      ---0---      ---3---      ---3---
Bb  ---3---     ---3---     ---3---     ---1---      ---1---      ---0---      ---3---
Gb  ---0---     ---2---     ---4---     ---0---      ---2---      ---0---      ---0---
Db  ---2---     ---0---     ---4---     ---2---      ---2---      ---0---      ---0---
Ab  ---2---     ---0---     ---2---     ---3---      ---0---      ---2---      ---2---
Eb  ---0---     ---x---     ---0---     ---x---      ---x---      ---3---      ---3---

  try to listen the CD to get the tempo of the strumming. 
  This is my first tab, it's not perfect, but it sounds quite good
  and it could be improved. 
  By the way, this song rocks! Enjoy:)

  P.S: I want to dedicate this tab to my best "guitar" friend Lorenzo;P

Intro: Em7  Am  Bmsus4  

Verse 1:
	Em			Am
Look around, the writing's on the wall
	Bmsus4			Em
Don't you think we're all feeling crazed
	Em			Am
In a world, where nothing's as it seems
	Bmsus4			Em
Paved with broken dreams, i found truth
	Em7			Am
My God, I should know you're right
	Bmsus4			Em
I should know it's right to say I think you for my days


Cadd9		D
come around 
G             Gmaj7		
and see the other side
Cadd9		D
Stepping stones, 
G		Gmaj7
away from the limelight 
Cadd9		D
Come around 
G		Gmaj7		
and breathe in piece of mind
Cadd9		D
And for it all, 
I thank you. I thank you.

Verse 2:
    Em                   Am
Sit down, lose yourself in thought
            Bmsus4                Em
Then you might find out it's all we've got
    Em                        Am
Take a chance, the future's in your hands
            Bmsus4               Em
Make it what you can before your time has reached the end


Come around and see the other side
Stepping stones, away from the limelight
Come around and breathe in piece of mind
And for it all
you you'll make it - on your own
Yeah, you're free..

Stepping stones, away from the limelight
Come around, and breathe in piece of mind,
And for it all 
I thank you, I thank you, I thank you
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