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Version #1

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Tuning 1/2 step down {Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Bb-Eb}

~ = Hold
/  = Slide up
\  = Slide down
bu = bend up

chords:      G    D5/F#     Em7    Cadd9    Am      Bm7


 Eb --10----10--------10--------10-10-10----------------------------------------
 Bb --10----10--------10--------10-10-10--------X 4-----------------------------            
 Gb --12---------12-------12----12-12-12----------------------------------------
 Db ---0----------0------- 0-----0--0--0----------------------------------------


Same as Intro, then....

  ............the moooooooooooooooments              I'd kindly unnnnnnndoo
Eb ---------10-10------10------10-10-----10-10----10------10--10-------10-------
Bb ---------10-10------10------10-10------8--8-----8-------8---8-------10-------
Gb ---------11-----11------11--11-11------9-----9------9---9---9-------12------
Db ----------0------0-------0---0--0------0-----0------0---0---0--------0-------

Rest of verse, repeat this pattern, or play these power chords palm muted:

Locked Away, so I can feel safe
           G5/F#       E5                   G5    (stop)
Now that Im down on my knees, begging for change.
Look down at the water, before I jump in
              G5/F#        E5                           G5
To find i was sinnnnnnking fast, in all that might have been.

*****Other verse, played the same, except last vese before solo. just play intro.*****


G         D5/F#         Em7               Cadd9
   What I need now is an honest answer, to make things better.
G         D5/F#       Em7                Cadd9            
   You can see now my hands are tied, and I surrender.
G         D5/F#               Em7
   So I'll wait here for your Final Answer,
   Yeah, your Final Answer.


Am         D5/F#       G            Em7
  Remeber the night you wore that dress
Am                     D5/F#                G
  It flowed through our lips, drink after drink
  And kiss after kiss
Am                  D5/F#          Bm7
     Im still holding on, day after day
  Dont run away


Eb  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bb  --10 bu (12)- ~ -(12)-10 ~ ------8-10-8---8 ~ --7-7 ~ ----------------8 ~ --   
Gb ---------------------------------------------------------9 ~ 9 / 11 ~ -------
Db -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ab -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Eb -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Eb  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bb  ---------------------------------------------------------8-10 bu (12)-(12)~~   
Gb --7-5-4--------5 / 7-5-4-------------------4 / 7--9-11-----------------------
Db ---------7-5 ~ -----------7-5---5-5-4-5-7------------------------------------
Ab -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Eb -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
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