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Calling - Stigmatize Chords

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Stigmatize Chords
Version #1

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.Tuning        E A D F# B E
                           .Capo on 3

Chords: (I don’t know the names, they’ve been made up)

Read this in conjunction with the capo eg:  234 would be 456 without

Capo on 3

E   (022200)
Em  (022000)
F#1 (244400)   ----
F#2 (244500)   ----  or if u prefer u can bar F#1 & F#2 with index.

Em   (022000)
Em2  (021000)
F#3  (044000
Fsus (024000)

         E       Em       E        Em
If I give up on you, I give up on me
      F#1         F#2          F#1  F#2 
If we find what’s true we will ever be
     E     Em            E        Em
Even god himself and the faith I knew
           F#1        F#2                  F#1       F#2
It shouldn’t hold me back; it shouldn’t keep me from you

 Em  Em2     F#3             Fsus 
Tease me by holding out your hand
  Em   Em2     F#3         Fsus
And leave me or take me as I am
          Em               F#2
And live long lives……. Stigmatize….yeah

I can feel the blood rushing through my veins

When I hear your voice driving me insane

Hour after hour, day after day

Every lonely night, let us sin and prey

Tease me, by holding out your hand

And Leave me or take me as I am

And live long lives……. Stigmatize oh yeah ye yeah…..

We live our lives on different sides but we keep together you and I

Just live our lives…………stigmatize


Remember capo on 3

e   I--x-----I----x----I----x----I-----x-----I-----x--I
B   I--x-----I----x----I----x----I-----x-----I-----x--I
G   I--x-----I----x----I----x----I-----x-----I-----x--I
D   I--4-----I----6----I----8----I-----9-----I-----8--I
A   I--4-----I----6----I----8----I-----9-----I-----8--I
E   I--2-----I----4----I----6----I-----7-----I-----6--I

   Em (same as chorus)
We’ll live our lives….. We’ll take the punches everyday ahh

We’ll live our lives I know were gonna find our way….yeah!

[Same as instrumental]
I believe in you

Even if no! one understands

Yeah I believe in you

(Same as verse till end)
And I don’t really give a damn……..OH stigmatize Yeah ye Yeah

We live our lives on different sides but we keep together you and I

Yeah we live our lives on  ^ different sides

We gotta live our lives
We gotta live our lives
Were gonna live our lie e lives yeah yeah
Were gonna live our lives were gonna live our lives yeah……….Stigmatize.

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