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Adrienne Chords

(ver. 1)
Tuning: Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

Intro:  G   D   C   C D

		        G       D* 
I've been thinkin about you, my love
    C                             D
And all the crazy things that you put me through
        G                 D*                 C      D
Now I'm coming around, and throwing it back to you
                   G           D*    
Do you think about me, when you kiss him
        C                 D
Can you taste me when you lick his skin
    G                   D*              C                  D
And all the while, I showered you with trust and promises
         Em                 D 
What I'm needing now's some sweet revenge
   C                   D
To get back all that I lost then
  Em             D
I gave you all I had to give
    C             D
But I could never reach you

    G       D   Cadd9       D
Oh, Adrienne, I thought I knew you
G      D        Cadd9       D
Once again, you used me, used me

Adrienne, I should have left you

Long before, you used me, used me up

Spent my money, drove my car

I treated you like a shining star

But in my sky, all burnt out you are

And I'll have the last laugh

When I see you walking with some other guy

Cuz I know your gonna end up all alone

So take these words, some good advice

All you've done's gonna come back twice

You never cared how much it hurt

I really need to tell you

G: 320033
D: xx0232
C: x32010
Em: 022000
Cadd9: x32033

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