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Tenacious D, Dude (I Totally Miss You) Tabs (ver.1)

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Dude (I Totally Miss You) Tabs (ver.1)

Tenacious D Tabs
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Hello my name is Travis S. and I was looking for a tab for this song...couldn't find it...so
I made my own.  Im pretty positive this is exactly right, I could be wrong...but i doubt it.
I put the chords at the bottom so you could see both the lyrics and the chords, I also put
the song order at the bottom, the pre-chorus and chorus lyrics are the same everytime, so
you can just repeat what i have written out.


Tuning: Standard

Classical Acoustic Solo (1) (99.99% sure this is right)



Electric Solo (2) (99.98% sure this is right)



End Picking Thing (3)

--0--   --2--   --0--   -----   --2--|
--0--   --3--   --1--   --0--   --3--|
--0--   --2--   --0--   --2--   --2--|
--2--   --0--   --2--   --1--   --0--|
--2--   --0--   --3--   --2--   -----|
--0--   --2--   --3--   --0--   -----|
 Em      D/B      C      Em7      D
ok these two chords are weird variations that i don't know the name of, so i made em up 
make it easier to read

Em		D/B	 C                Em
Dude, i totally miss you I really f**king miss you

Em	D/B	       Em7           Em
I'm all alone, All the time, all the time

Em		D/B	 C	           Em
Dude, i totally miss you The things we did together

C     D        Em7
Where have you gone?

C		 D	     Em			Em
Totally miss the honesty And special times, and honestly

C		   D		      Em7
I totally miss the f**ked up thing ya do

Em              D/B      C           D
Dude, i totally miss you...I totally miss you

Em	        C                Em7
Dude, i totally miss you All the time

Classical Acoustic Solo (1) (continue verse chords through solo)
electric solo (2) (continue verse chords through solo)
End Picking Thing (3)
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