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Rush - Limelight Tabs

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Limelight Tabs

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                Guitar tabs for : Limelight 

                  Patrick Ryan 
The solo is a blatant infringement of copyright, for it has been reproduced 
appeared in Guitar, May 85.


[repeat 3 times, with different phrasings]

Transition from intro:

  B   A    E [no 3rd]
[six times]



Riff between verses:
[repeat two times]

measure 3/4
Chorus arpeggiation:
 [repeat twice]

Then the straight rhythm ("Those who wish to be..")
measure 4/4:



Fill up one measure with E and one with F#7add4 in 4/4 rhytm,
go back once to the arpeggio. Then do the second riff of the intro twice and
go back to the verses etc. etc.


Right before the solo in the chorus, instead of returning to the chorus
arpeggiations, play the G# sus 4 for one more measure, then go ahead with:




              _                _


Hold the last note almost indefinately. A little (or actually, a bit more)
feedback wouldn't hurt. It's the incredibly long magic note.

After the solo, play the chorus arpeggiation once more, and get back into the
chorus. The final chord of the song is the G#sus4 again.


|  - A pair of these indicate a part of music, not the usuals bars.
:  - Indicates that a part is to be repeated. This may be ommited, you should 
     hear it too.
_  - Indicates a hammer-on or pull-off (You should know which is appropriate)
  - Indicates a bend-up or down or a slide. With a bend, the note to bend to
     is between '(' and ')'. Use the whammy for a downbend. With a slide, the
     follow-up note is the one to be slid to.
!  - Indicates vibrato.
^  - Indicates a tapped harmonic. Is printed below the note.
.  - Under the strings, it indicates the note is staccato (short).
\  - Indicates a general slide downwards from note, to no note in particular.
AH - Indicates adding artificial harmonic with pick hand.
NH - Natural harmonic.

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address is included, contact Frank or Mario, addresses below. Contact Frank
for guitar tabs, and Mario for bass tabs.

For remarks, suggestions or additions on the tab 'archive', contact:

Frank (guitar)              or      Mario (bass)

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        Limelight lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast Limelight lessons
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