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Paramore - Hate To See Your Heart Break Chords

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Hate To See Your Heart Break Chords

(ver. 2) Click to play this song!

Key: F Major

The harmony (chord progression) throughout the song is very colorful. To say it
differently, the instruments and melody give the song a different feel than 
other songs with the same (or similar) chord progression, thus playing regular
chords will not replicate the mood of the song well.

*Note: If you cannot play barre chords very well, try putting a capo on the 1st
fret and transpose (using the transpose button on this page) down one half step
(to E major).

Chords Used: 
(Use your musical judgement to switch between the different variations)

F x3321x   Dm xx0231   Bb x13311   Gm 353333   C x30010  
  x3301x      xx0230      x13331      355333     x32010
                          x13211                 x33010


Verse 1

  F                    Dm                     
There is not a single word 
               F                            Dm 
in the whole world that could describe the hurt,
The dullest knife just sawing back and forth, 
                          Gm                C
and ripping through the softest skin there ever was


(C)               Bb                        C
How were you to know? Oh, how were you to know?


And I, I hate to see your heart break,
I hate to see your eyes get darker as they close, 
     Gm               C
but I've been there before.  (2x)

Verse 2

  F                   Dm                         
Love happens all the time, 
                      F                         Dm 
to people who aren't kind, and heroes who are blind,
Expecting perfect scripted movie scenes.
                        Gm       C
Who wants an awkward silence mystery?

(Prechorus, Chorus, Bridge)


(Dm)         F                   C      Dm
For all the air that's in your lungs,
             F              C    
For all the joy that is to come,
For all the things that you're alive to feel,
Just let the pain remind you hearts can heal.

(Prechorus', Chorus, Outtro)


F    Bb    C F    Bb    C F  (Repeat to Fade)
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