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Southbound Tabs

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                List of Prefixes:
 	CRD:  - When you are sending a chord file
 	TAB:  - When you are sending a tablature file
 	BTAB: - When you are sending a bass tab file
 	PRO:  - When you are sending a Chordpro file
 	LYR:  - When you are sending a lyrics file

 Step 3.2, 3.3:
 Here are (some of) the criteria for acceptance, and what you should do
 if you file fails these criteria. If your file fails any of these, it
 will be sent back to you, within a week, with a request that it be fixed.

 	name, and, if different, the submittor's name.

 	The file is 'all your own work'. If you use material from a book or
 	magazine, it won't (knowingly) be archived.

 	The file is substantially complete. Examples of insufficient detail
 	are: single line of tab; files without lyrics; verse but no chorus.
 	You should always make the form of the song clear, particularly if
 	there's a solo or bridge (for example) that you can't work out - lable
 	the various parts (intro, verse, chorus, bridge, etc) and give their

 	The file is not readable, due to unknown encoding when sending, or
 	because the file itself is not plain text.
 	Again: When writing a file, we advise using courier font in 10 pt
 	size. Restrict the page to a width of 75 characters and be sure the
 	lines don't run over. Save as text before sending. Do NOT send
 	us .doc (microsoft), .wps (word perfect) files, etc. that have not

 	been saved as text.
 	When sending, try to 'insert' the file into your message, rather than
 	'attaching' it. We can read some attachment encodings, but not all.

 	If a file for the song already exists:
 	you should get the existing version from the archive,
 	and integrate the two, in as far as this is possible.
 	(If the recordings on which the crd/tab are based are
 	different, this may not be possible. They may, for example,
 	be in different keys, or have different choruses, or be
 	special live or acoustic versions.)
 	If your file is for the same recording as the file already
 	existing, try to contact the original author to come to an
 	agreement. Always credit the original author and mention what
 	each of you has done. If you can't contact the author, try to
 	send a single file (your file and theirs integrated), giving your
 	alternative notation where necessary. If you are completely sure of
 	your work, you would not include the old file; if you are not
 	certain, give both alternatives in the single file.

 When you resubmit your file:
 	add a note at the head, addressed to the archivist, giving
 	instructions. Example: "Archivist - This file includes the
 	already existing one for this song, but adds the solo - please
 	replace the old one with this. I have kept the original author's
 	name along with mine." or "Note to Archivist - The solo
 	in the existing file is quite wrong, so i inserted the correct tab.
 	A note at the top says I wrote the solo. Please replace the
 	old file with this one."

 If your file meets the criteria for acceptance, it will be archived
 within a week, and you should see it at the sites shortly after that.

 Step 4:
 Your file at OLGA:
 		Any file archived becomes the property of the archive in so
 		far as material extraneous to the musical content (basically
 		the header and .sig) may be removed or edited.

 		Posting to usenet or submission to the archive implicitly
 		gives permission for fair-use distribution.
 		The author's name and e-mail address will always be retained
 		if accompanying the file, along with any other information
 		the archivists deem relevant.

 		The archivists retain the right to modify or remove files as
 		they see fit.

 		In cases of duplication of a song, the archivists may remove
 		a transcription judged to be of inferior quality. As mentioned
 		above, submittors are expected to offer opinion as to the
 		quality of existing versions of files.

 		Requests to have files removed or modified should be made to

 Last Update	Oct 97
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