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Jesus Culture - You Wont Relent Tabs

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You Wont Relent Tabs

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Jesus Culture
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                Tuning: Standard (EADGBe)

| /  slide up
| ~  let ring
| *  tremolo picking

Really an incredible worship song. To match the song layout of the recording 
exactly, look at the end the tab for the breakdown of it all and when to play 
which variations of the intro. If you just want to match it mostly, just play the 
regular intro riff whenever you want. :) Try some of the variations though, they're fun.

[Intro Riff]

[Verse 1]
C#m                            A
    You won't relent until you,  have it all
E             F#m
  My heart is yours

[Verse 2]
     C#m          A             E
I'll set you as a seal, upon my heart
     F#m              C#m
As a seal upon my arm
             A                E
For there is love, that is as strong as death
F#m                         C#m
Jealousy demanding as the grave
         A       E                  F#m
And many waters, cannot quench this love

C#m             A                 E
    Come be the fire inside of me
            F#m                 C#m
Come be the flame upon my heart
            A                 E
Come be the fire inside of me
Until You and I are one

C#m                              A                        E
    I don't wanna talk about you,  like you're not in the room
I wanna look right at you
I wanna sing right to you

[Bridge 2]
    There's nothing we want more
  There's nothing we want more
E                          F#m
  There's nothing we want more (than You, Jesus)

[Solo] Be sure to listen to the track to get the idea of how it goes. It starts around 8:16

                                  Fade out picking this \/

For improvisation (used at times in the song as indicated below), you can do 
whatever you want with the notes in the scale. They are F#-G#-A-B-C#-D#-E. To get 
a visual of what this looks like all over the fretboard, go to 

Song Construction (A bit lengthy because it's a 13-minute song ;)):

Intro        \ Intro Riff x6
Verse 1 x4   /
Verse 2      -- Intro Riff x2, Riff 2
Verse 1 x4   -- Riff 2, Riff 3, Riff 4, Riff 2
Verse 2      -- Riff 4 x2, Riff 5
Verse 1 x2   -- Chords played over Riff 6, Riff 7
Chorus x2    -- Chords
Instrumental -- Riff 4, Riff 8
Bridge x2    \
Verse 1 x4   | Quiet improvisation
Bridge       /
Instrumental -- Riff 9 x2
Chorus x4    -- Chords (Solo in between second and third repeats of the chorus)
Prayer       -- Improvisation
Bridge 2 x6  \ Chords played tamely at first, then with increasing intensity
Chorus       /
Chorus       -- Chords over Intro Riff, Riff 7
Ending       -- Riff 9 x2

For all these variations, I just left out the first half of the riff because it's 
the same for them all; only the very end changes.

[Riff 2]                          [Riff 3]
e|-----------------------------|  e|------------------------------|
B|-----------------------------|  B|------------------------------|
G|----------------------2--1---|  G|----------------------2--/6---|
D|------6---4---2--------------|  D|------6---4---2---------------|
A|----2---------------4--------|  A|----2---------------4---------|
E|--0-----0---0---0-2----------|  E|--0-----0---0---0-2-----------|

[Riff 4]                         [Riff 5]
e|----------------------------|  e|--------------------------|
B|------------------------0---|  B|--------------------------|
G|----------------------2-----|  G|----------------------2---|
D|------6---4---2-------------|  D|------6---4---2-----------|
A|----2---------------4-------|  A|----2---------------4-----|
E|--0-----0---0---0-2---------|  E|--0-----0---0---0-2-------|

[Riff 6]                                [Riff 7]
e|----------------------------0---0--|  e|---------------------------------|
B|-----------------------------------|  B|---------------------------------|
G|----------------------2/4-6---6----|  G|----------------------2-4--2-4---|
D|------6---4---2--------------------|  D|------6---4---2------------------|
A|----2---------------4--------------|  A|----2---------------4------------|
E|--0-----0---0---0-2----------------|  E|--0-----0---0---0-2--------------|

[Riff 8]                            [Riff 9]
e|-------------------------------|  e|----------------------------|
B|-------------------------------|  B|----------------------------|
G|----------------------1-2--4---|  G|----------------------2-4---|
D|------6---4---2----------------|  D|------6---4---2-------------|
A|----2---------------4----------|  A|----2---------------4-------|
E|--0-----0---0---0-2------------|  E|--0-----0---0---0-2---------|

Hope you enjoyed this! God bless!
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        You Wont Relent lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast You Wont Relent lessons
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