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Earth To Bella Chords - Incubus

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Earth To Bella Chords

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Band: Incubus

    C     Fmaj7\C    E     E7   C5    A5

C              Fmaj7\C
Earth to Bella 
C                           Fmaj7\C
you think you've got it all figured in 
C              Fmaj7\C
Earth to Bella 
C              Fmaj7\C   E 
everything you know is wrong 
well, almost 

C              Fmaj7\C
Earth to Bella 
C                       Fmaj7\C  
i see where you are not listening 
C                 Fmaj7\C        
I bear the burden 
C                      Fmaj7\C    E
of being the voice the lets you know 
we all grow old 
and before you swim you've gotta be ok 

to say... 

(heavy)   ||: C5    A5 :||   x4

C              Fmaj7\C
Earth to Bella 
C                       Fmaj7\C 
The world can be an unfriendly place 
C                    Fmaj7\C             
so hold your head up 
C               Fmaj7\C      E
do your best to save some face 
its not so hard 
just undo yourself and see the second sun 
and say 

(heavy)   ||: C5 :||  x 8  
         ||: C5   A5 :||    x12 

Ok to sink , I'm Ok to sink, Ok to sink


  C\B                   Fmaj7                  C
e|------------|     ||----0-------0------||-----0--------0-------||
B|-1-----1----|     ||------1-------1----||-------1--------1-----||
G|---0-----0--|     ||O-------2---------O||O--------0-----------O||
D|----0-------|     ||O---3-----3-------O||O-----------2--------O|| Repeat
A|-2---2------|     ||-------------------||-----3----------------|| to Fade
E|------------|     ||-------------------||----------------------||
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