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Ima Robot - Alive Chords

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Alive Chords

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Ima Robot
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			Ima Robot     Alive

Alright this is my first tab EVER. I tabbed this one because nobody on the net did as far
as I am concerned and I thought I might as well give it a shot because it is easy as sh*t
so don't send pics.

/= slide
\= same thing jack ass
~= vibrato

Chords used

Bb5- 688xxx		D5- x577xx
G5- 355xxx		A5- 577xxx
Eb5- x688xx		C5- x355xx
B5- x244xx		C#5- x466xx
Ab5- 466xx		F#5- 244xxx

Uh huh this one is good the illusion of fun D-R-U-G-S leave no one 

G5              Bb5
alive I'm alive.

Freedom of choice, love my monkey on ice sitting back in the sun it's a 

             G5              D5 A5
wonder we're alive i'm alive. 

Bb5                      D5                      Eb5              C5        
Wake up, wake up this is heaven on earth, oh yes i'll give you my only 

     Bb5              D5                             Eb5                 
love wake up, wake up nothing could be worse, oh yea i'll give you my 

C5         B5
only love. 

Alright, right here bass plays and guitar comes in with this little riff, just listen to
the song and wait for the cue.

Riff 1

Oooh Oh oh baby we're aging in time live live live live right now while 

            Riff 1
you're alive i'm alive 

Bb5                       G5                       D5 A5
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh Bad a ba ba ba ba ba I'm alive. 

Bb5                          D5                Eb5
Now wake up, wake up this is heaven on earth, oh yes i'll give you my

C5        Bb5              D5                             Eb5
only love wake up, wake up nothing could be worse, oh yea i'll give you 

   C5        D5 
my only love oh no

Here I guess is the guitar solo, its still just a bunch of power chords,
nothing to get too excited about

A5 C#5 Ab5 F#5 A5 Repeat 

This part I cant here the guitar in the background, the vocals and bass overcome guitar,
so here is my best guess. This is all on the g string, haha, g string, I just got that.

7-7-7-7/9-9-9-9/10-10/12-12/14\12/14 D5 A5    
Aaaaaahhhh ohh Bad a ba ba ba ba ba I'm alive 

Ok repeat the chorus 2 times and that guitar solo thing and your done. There is a LITTLE
part where some guitar is wailing on the high e string, and this is how it ends. 10~-9~-5~.
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