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Where We Start Chords - David Gilmour

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Where We Start Chords

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                Intro:		Gmaj7		F#m		Gmaj7		F#m
			Gmaj7		F#m		Fmaj7		Em
			Fmaj7		Em

A	   Amaj7		Gmaj7		F#m
Where we start,	is where we end.
A		Amaj7		Gmaj7			C		Cmaj7
We step out sweetly,	with nothing planned.
A		Amaj7		Gmaj7			   F#m
Along by the river,	we feed bread to the swans
A			Amaj7	  	Gmaj7			C	Cmaj7
And then over the footbridge, to the woods beyond.

Bm			Gmaj7		F#m	  D
We walk ourselves weary,	you and I.
Bm			Gmaj7		Fmaj7	  Em
There’s just this moment.

A		Amaj7		Gmaj7		  F#m
I light a camp fire,	away from the path.
A			Amaj7		Gmaj7			C	Cmaj7
We lie in the blue bells,	a woodpecker laughs.

Bm		Gmaj7		F#m			D
Time passes slowly,	our hearts entwined.
Bm		Gmaj7		Fmaj7		Em		Fmaj7		Em
All of the dark times,	left behind.

A	Amaj7		Gmaj7		F#m
A	Amaj7		C		Cmaj7
Bm	Gmaj7		F#m		D
Bm	Gmaj7		Fmaj7		Em		Fmaj7		Em

A		Amaj7		Gmaj7		F#7
The day is done,		the sun sinks low.
A			Amaj7		Gmaj7		C	Cmaj7
We fold up the blanket,		it’s time to go.

Bm			Gmaj7		F#m		D
We walk ourselves weary,	arm in arm.
Bm			Gmaj7		Fmaj7		Em	Fmaj7		Em
Back through the twilight,	home again.		We’re home again.

C#m			Amaj7		Abm			E
We waltz in the moonlight,	and the embers glow.
C#m		Amaj7		Gmaj7		F#m		Gmaj7		F#m
So much behind us, still far to go,		still far to go.

Gmaj7		F#m		Gmaj7		F#m <------ REPEAT TO THE END

Not sure if this is 100% correct but it works well for me with the cd. Corrections, 

Chords used:
Gmaj7:	3x5432
F#m:		244222
Fmaj7:	13321x
Em:		022000
A:		x02220
Amaj7:	x02120
C:		x32010
Cmaj7:	x32000
Bm:		x24432
D:		xx0232
C#m:		x46654
Abm:		466444
E:		022100
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