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Brand New - Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't Chords

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Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don't Chords

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Brand New
Intro: Guitar and Bass together--very quiet slide to each chord

Ebm F# B x2


Ebm              F# B   Ebm       F#    B
I'm heaven sent,        Don't You Dare Forget
Ebm  F#        B     Ebm                  F#    B         Ebm 
I am all you've ever wanted, with all the other boys old problems
F#     B      Ebm     F#     B
Sorry I don't, i just needed you to know
Ebm        F#  B        Ebm               F#      B        Db
i think in decimals and dollars, i am the cost to all your problems
             Bb           Ebm F#  B
shelter from cold, we are ne--ver alone
Db                   Bb
coordinate brain and mouth, 
     Ebm             F#           B                 Db 
then ask me what its like to have myself so figured out

wish i knew...

(now another guitar comes in picking the A and D strings of the intro chords)
other wise just play intro x2

Verse 2:

Ebm                       F#    B
I hope this song starts a craze 
Ebm                     F#        B
the kind of song that ignites the airways
Ebm                         F#     B          Ebm
the kind of song that makes people glad to be where they are
         F#          B
with you ever theyre there with
Ebm     F#   B        Ebm                      F#           B       Ebm
this is war,    every line is about who i dont wanna write about anymore
                        F#        B         Ebm            F#       B
hope you come down with something they cant diagnose, dont have the cure for
Db                 Bb                Ebm          F#         B
holding on to your grudge, oh its so hard to have someone to love
Db                   Bb
and keeping quiet is hard
            Ebm         F#           B                     Db
because you cant keep a secret if it never was a secret to start

at least pretend you didnt want to get caught

(heavily distorted guitar comes in on GET slides on E string to first chord of
chorus, possibly guitar doing the picking before. drums kick in)


F#          B                  Ebm
We're Concentrating on falling apart
           B                        F# 
we were contenders now throwing the fights 
           B                     Ebm                   F#
just wanna believe, i just wanna believe, i just wanna believe... yeah

(the smae throughout, enjoy. I dont have email so just rate this a bad tab if you dont like it.)
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