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Yeng Constantino - Why Can't You Ukulele

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Why Can't You Ukulele

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Yeng Constantino
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        This is the new song of Yeng Constantino from her new album   
                          "Yeng Constantino Journey"
                Kung may mali man,..pakicomment kaagad..tnx!

Intro: A-E-F#m-E (2x)

A                 E         F#m           E     
I saw you at the corner then I stared at your face
I wonder who you're looking at
    F#m             E       A              E   
I wish that it was me, But I know that it's her
  F#m                     E
So I guess I have to turn my back this way
 A                 E
But I know when I close my eyes
F#m             E
It's your that I'll see

(Do Stanza Chords: A-E)
*(No Matter how hard I try)
To forgive you
(No matter how hard I try)
But it's still you
(No matter how hard I try)
I can't fake it, I can't fake it
Cause I can't


      A                     E
Why can't you see that there is me
   F#m                         E
Who's waiting for you all this time
  A                        E
Why can't it be just you and me
          F#m                      E
I've been waiting for you all this time
 A            E
I will be true to you
If you're only let me

A                          E
I just walked right thru there
  F#m                     E
I saw you talking on the phone
 A                         E
And I heard you saying all the words
 F#m                  E
That I've been longin for

(Do Stanza CP: A-E)
How I wish that I'm girl on the other line
How could it be (2x)
I know you can't be mine

(repeat *)

(repeat chorus)

   F#m        D               
How can you see me when you're blinded 
  A            E
By teat girl,( by that girl)
 F#m             D
I'll be just a shadow following you 
right on the wall (on the wall)
F#m                A
I don't wanna wake up crazy one day
F#m                 A 
Cause you're driving me insane
F#m                          A
But what can I do you're the only one
F#m               E
Who made me fell this way

(repeat chorus)

A   E  F#m E   
Whay can't you see me (2x)
A   E  F#m E   
Whay can't you see me ohh
Why can't you

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