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Wicked - I'm Not That Girl Chords

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I'm Not That Girl Chords

(ver. 1) Click to play this song!
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
Performed on the OBC soundtrack by Idina Menzel

Capo on the second fret, standard tuning. I charted out a few of the weirder chords at the bottom.

I pulled the chords out of the piano/vocal selections book and claim no credit for 
figuring them out. What I did do was use a capo so that they were easier to play, 
arrange the intro for guitar, and figure out a decent plucking pattern. The song's 
about intermediate level or a little below--it sounds best if you know the song 
well enough to mimic what the orchestra is doing with your plucking pattern, and 
the chords are weird, but it's fairly slow and repetitive.

I fingerpick this song. It's supposed to sound "simple and steady, like a music 
box", so I wouldn't recommend strumming it. 

Be careful not to go overboard when you sing/play this, it sounds best if it's 
intense but soft. The song's about that moment when you're having a daydream about 
doing something amazing and then you realize "Wait, that's not me". It's NOT so 
much about "I want that boy so badly I could die but he likes a blond augh". It 
sounds like cr*p when it's overdone or pumped with fake emotion.

I play the main riff (intro and the beginning of the verses) like this:

     Gsus4/C   G5/B	       G5/A     Gsus4/B           Gsus4/C   Gsus4/B           G5/A

For the chords in the rest of the song I try to follow the orchestra. In general, 
I pluck the top three or four strings and the bass note, then follow up by 
plucking the notes from the bass up with my thumb. But on certain words like 
"sudden heat" I just hit the chord, and in other places like the D after "I'm not 
that girl" I add hammerons and whatnot, etc. It's too much work to tab out 
everything I do exactly, but for example, I would play "sudden heat/Hearts leap in 
a giddy" like this:

     D/F#    G                C/E         Em                D/F#     
      sudden heat                Hearts   leap      in  a  giddy...

But you can play it however you want, just my suggestion. So, without further ado, 
the chords to "I'm Not that Girl":

Gsus4/C    G5/B   G5/A    G5/B
Gsus4/C    G5/B   G5/A...

Gsus4/C	        G5/B   G5/A         G5/B
      Hands     touch,      eyes    meet,
Gsus4/C          G5/B     D/F#       G 
      Sudden    silence,     sudden heat
C/E        Em        D/F#  Cadd9
    Hearts leap in a giddy whirl,
         D/F#		Bm7	G/B
He could be that boy,
Am7       G        Dsus4	D
  but I'm not that girl.

Gsus4/C	      G5/B   G5/A      G5/B
      Don't   dream,     too   far,
Gsus4/C           G5/B     D/F#        G 	
      Don't lose sight of     who you are.
C/E      Em	       D/F#    Cadd9
   Don't remember that rush of joy.
         D/F#		Bm7	G/B
He could be that boy,
Am7    G/C	G
   I'm not that girl.

Eb	 Ab 	  C#
Every so often we long to steal
       F#7		       B
to the land of What-Might-Have-Been,
    Dm		 G/B	    E7	    Am
But that doesn't soften the ache we feel
       F     Asus4      Gsus4/A	D7/A
when reality sets back in.

Gsus4/C	        G5/B   G5/A        G5/B
      Blithe    smile,     lithe   limb,
Gsus4/C          G5/B     D/F#         G 
      She who's winsome,     she wins him.
C/E     Em          D/F#   Cadd9
   Gold hair with a gentle curl--
           D(add9)/F#	Bm7	   G/B
That's the girl he      chose,
Am7    G/C	   Dsus4	   D
   and heaven knows,
(let ring)   Gsus/C...	   
I'm not that girl.

...       G5/B   G5/A    G5/B
Gsus4/C    G5/B   G5/A

(For the next four bars, I play the main riff an octave up the neck. So with the 
capo it's:

     Gsus4/C    G5/B	          G5/A      Gsus4/B             Gsus4/C    Gsus4/B             
         Don't wish,		      don't  start.		     Wish-ing only

Then I go back to normal, at the base of the neck)

D/F#           G	  
    wounds the heart.
C/E         Em           D/F#     Cadd9 
   I wasn't born for the rose and pearl,
	  D/F#	 Bm7	G/B  
There's a girl I know--
Am7   G/C       Dsus4    D
   He loves her so,
I'm not (break) 
     G/C	G/B	G/A
that girl...


If you want to resolve the song instead of leaving it on the questioning tone, 
play a G at the end somehow: harmonics, plucking, hitting the whole chord, etc.

And there you have the basics of it, good luck! \(^o^)/

A few of the weirder chords:

   Cadd9 Dadd9/F#  Dsus2  Asus4         

And in case any of you didn't know, a chord name with two letters and a slash: D/
F#, for example, means play the chord named by the first note with the second note 
in the bass. So D/F# means play a D chord with an F# as the lowest note instead of 
a D. So instead of xx0232 you play 200232. C/E means play a C chord with an E as 
the lowest note, so 032010 instead of x32010, etc etc. Thanks for reading! <3
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