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Weakerthans - Farewell Faded Memory Chords

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Farewell Faded Memory Chords

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                As far as I know, this song is just by John Samson, but everyone seems to
post his songs under the Weakerthans.. so I'll just follow the trend for now

Standard tuning, no capo.

he plays E, Esus4, E, B, Badd9, B, A, Asus4, A, Asus4, A in the intro, but
for simplicity, I'll write the intro and verse as "E, B, A"

if you listen to the song, you can hear where he adds the variations, but it
would just clutter it up if I wrote it out.

   E  Esus4   B   Badd9   A   Asus4    (and for the chorus) C#m

E, B, A  x4

E    B               A
Hey, another numbing light of early morning
E        B                 A
 another pile of half-read books
E         B            A
 nice and safe in my serene surroundings
E     B                A
 evil smiles and empty looks
E   B           A
why justify why you can think at all?
            E   B   A
i guess i'm far too safe
E    B            A
cry, falsify this turmoil of emotion
           E    B  A
and you'll feel no pain, but

E                    B
 i'm pretty sure the sun will rise and
   give me the strength to shield my eyes
     B                                  A
    E               B
and i always try to understand
but looking back, it's hard to 
know that you were bought and sold
for a box filled full of spanish gold

he plays the intro 4 more times, but slows down throughout, and bend the accent notes.
listen to the song and it makes sense. then from this point until the '*',
just strum the chord once and let it ring.  when you get to the '*',
start playing the intro/ verse riff again

E   B                                  A             
  i sifted through some archives yesterday
E   B                 A  
    met you in a photograph
E           B               A
 i saw your face and simply had to look away
E   B                             A
  i know that that would make you laugh

*E  B             A
 so many things i guess i should remember
      E     B    A
but i don't know how
E  B              A
so many things so easy to forget
          E    B   A
i guess i miss you now, but

E                   B
i'm pretty sure the sun will rise and
   give me the strength to shield my eyes
     B                                  A
   E                B         
and is this a faded memory or 
   did i see you crawling 
B                           A
out towards the open sea so sad and free 
without me

E  B   A
  oh, without me  x3

  E                    B       A
i bid farewell to the faded memory


then play around with the E and B for the end
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