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Weakerthans - Left And Leaving Chords

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Left And Leaving Chords

(ver. 1)
Intro: B5  Abm7  F#sus4  Esus2 x2

Verse 1:
B5               Abm7                        F#sus4  
  My city's still breathing, but barely it's true
       Esus2                         B5   
Through buildings gone missing like teeth
                 Abm7                    F#sus4 
The sidewalks are watching me think about you
Sparkled with broken glass
Abm7   F#/Bb     B5       E  
   I'm back with scars to show
Abm7    F#/Bb    B5        E
   Back with the streets I know
Will never take me anywhere but here.

(Intro 1x)

Verse 2:
B5                 Abm7                     F#sus4
  The stain in the carpet, this drink in my hand
    Esus2                   B5
The strangers whose faces I know
                 Abm7                   F#sus4
We meet here for our dress rehearsal to say
"I wanted it this way"
Abm7    F#/Bb   B5      E
   Wait for the year to drown
Abm7      F#/Bb    B5        E
   Spring forward, fall back down
    C#m/F#                         B5/Ab  B5/F#  B5/E 
I'm trying not to wonder where you are.

B5/Ab  B5/F#  B5/E

B5/Ab     B5/F#     B5/E
     All  this   time
B5/Ab      B5/F#  B5/E
     Lin - gers   undefined
B5/Ab       B5/F#  B5/E
     Should  one  choose
   Who's left and who's leaving

(Intro 1x)

Verse 3:
  B5            Abm7                F#sus4 
    Memory will rust and erode into lists
   Esus2                 B5
Of all that you gave me
                Abm7                     F#sus4
A blanket, some matches, this pain in my chest
    Esus2               Abm7
The best parts of lonely
     F#/Bb    B5       E
Duct tape and soldered wires
Abm7  F#/Bb     B5    E 
New   words for old desires
And every birthday card I threw away


B5  Abm7  F#sus4  Esus2 (4x)

Verse 4:
Abm7  F#/Bb     B5  E
    I  wait  in 4/4 time
Abm7      F#/Bb  B5      E
    Count yellow highway lines
     C#m/F#                        B5  Abm7  F#sus4  Esus2      
That you're relying on to lead you home.
That you're relying on to lead you home.
That you're relying on to lead you home.

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