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Lissies Heart Murmur Tabs
Version #1

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                             Lissie's Heart Murmur - Warpaint


This is the old version of song

this is the base part
e|--------3-5---3-----------1-3---1-------|only into the water
B|------3-----3---3-------1-----1---1-----|where the ships firth by
G|----3-----------------2-----------------|in the thunder your life tore
D|--3-----------------3-------------------|in the endless sky
A|----------------------------------------|drips my head back
E|----------------------------------------|full of swimming
                                           got beneath
                                           deep breathing
pre-chorus part(1st vers)                  
e|--------3-3---1-----------1-1---0-------|it thinks so fall down
B|------3-----3---3-------3-----3---3-----|it thinks so fall down
D|--3-----------------3-------------------|and I handle my business
A|----------------------------------------|and I know the price
E|----------------------------------------|there is no consequence
pre-chorus part(2nd vers)                  you've looked with your eyes
e|--------3-3---------------1-1---0-------|wide open to what things are
G|----3-----------------2-----------------|I'm looking when I'm searching 
D|--5-----------------3-------------------|under the water
A|----------------------------------------|I'm thinking and searching
E|----------------------------------------|do you put me under 
chorus part                                to where you are
e|---------------------|                   to where we built a house
B|---------------------|                   and so we think so fall down
G|--3h5---3h5---3h5----|                   and we can't go back now
D|-----5-----5-----5---|                   I think so fall down 
A|---------------------|                   when I know you're around
E|---------------------|                   and I can't go back now
final part                                 I can't go  back now

| h   hammer-on
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