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Teitur - Sleeping With The Lights On Ukulele

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Sleeping With The Lights On Ukulele

(ver. 1)
Sleeping with the lights on

Ok, take a little time to get an overview over the chords,
cause the names aren't all correct. Its easier to play the song, 
than understanding it. Good Luck! Any suggestions, addings, comment,

Capo fret 4 (all chords relative to capo)

C:         01023x
Csus*:     03023x
C*:        31023x
Am:        01220x
Am7:       01020x
F:         112331
Fsus:      113331
Dm:        1320xx
Dm*:       1300xx
C/G:       010233
C/F*       01033x

Intro: C - Csus* - C - C* - C - Csus* - C   x2

Verse 1

C  Csus*  C       C*   C   Csus*  C     Am    Am7
I've been haunted by this old ghost before 
C       Csus*   C      C*   C   Csus*  C        Am    Am7
I want to hear your voice you know it's been so long 
F         Fsus   F         Fsus        Dm    Dm*    Dm    Dm*  
Like a dancing wave you balance on the shore  
F                                      C/G    C/F*   C/G   C/F*         
It would feel so good to see your face again 


C/G                     C/F*    C/G    
I still sleep with the lights on 
                 C/F*   C/G
I still stay up late alone 
         Am  C/G     F
I still love another one 
C/G                    C/F*     C/G
I still sleep with the lights on 

Verse 2(same chords as 1)

We both understand we got no way back 
Our love was strange in a strange land 
We got broken wings we were bound to fall 
Until the sun comes up you can hold my hand 


Verse 3(same chords as 1)

Feel like waking up in your house some day 
Or eating of your hand like a bird astray 
But nothing's gonna change, we'll still be the same 
We've said what's to say, nothing's buried no where 

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