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Teitur - Poetry And Airplanes Chords

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Poetry And Airplanes Chords

(ver. 1)
Teitur ¡V Poetry and Airplanes

Chords : I¡¦m not sure of the names so I made them up.
Asus/C#		X4 2 2 0 0
Aadd9		0 7 6 6 0 0
Bsus		7 X 7 7 0 0
C#sus		9 X 9 9 0 0
Dsus		10 X 0 11 0 0
E7sus4		0 2 0 2 0 0 
F#sus		2 X 2 2 0 0 
E2		X 0 7 6 0 0 
G2		X 0 11 9 0 0 
C2		X 0 4 2 0 0 
C#2		X 7 6 4 0 0 

1st Verse:

                  Asus4/C#   Aadd9      Bsus4   C#sus   Dsus4
There was a party last night, last night 
      Asus4/C#              Aadd9	   Bsus4   C#sus   Dsus4    
Cigarettes and empty bottles, empty bottles 
          Asus4/C#       Aadd9	          Bsus4   C#sus   Dsus4
Better open up this window, this window 
                 Asus4/C#         Aadd9	          Bsus4   C#sus   Dsus4
Need some air to clear my head, clear my head 


Dsus4	         F#sus
Alone in these strange beds
E	           E7sus4 
I think that I¡¦ve traveled enough
Dsus4	    F#sus 
Poetry and Airplanes 
        E		          E7sus4 -„³ after 2nd verse play a G chord instead.
I am tired of waiting for love 

2nd Verse:

Tend to fall asleep in the fast lane, in the fast lane 
Sometimes sinking low in the high life, in the high life 
No more happy songs of heartbreak, oh¡¦ heartbreak 
Or playing white knight misunderstood, misunderstood 

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E2	G2     C2  C#2
Another night I lie awake 
E2	 G2	    C2          C#2
In woken dreams of faith and fate 
F#sus		   Dsus4
Hope my love don¡¦t come too late 
F#sus		   Dsus4
Hope my love don¡¦t come too late
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