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Styx - Come Sail Away Ukulele

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Come Sail Away Ukulele

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  Intro -   C - F - G - F - C - G


    C     G      Am     F                            G
    I'm sailing away,    set an open course for the virgin sea
    C     G          Am     F                              G
    I've got to be free,    free to face the life that's ahead of me
   Am                          G
    On board, I'm the captain, so climb aboard
   Am                             G
    We'll search for tomorrow on every shore
             C      G            Am    F         G  C F  G  F  C  G
    And I'll try, oh Lord, I'll try    to carry on

    C   G         Am     F                                   G
    I look to the sea,   reflections in the waves spark my memory
     C     G          Am 
    Some happy, some sad
   F                                       G
    I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had
   Am                       G
    We live happily forever, so the story goes
   Am                        G
    But somehow we missed out on that pot of gold
         C         G           Am   F       G  C F  G  F  C  F G F
    But we'll try best that we can,  to carry on

        C           F        G               F
    A gathering of angels appeared above my head
          C               F                  G                F
    They sang to me this song of hope, and this is what they said
               C              F
    They said come sail away, come sail away
          G             F
    Come sail away with me .. lad
     C               F
    Come sail away, come sail away
         G              F
    Come sail away with me

    (keyboard, break)
    Ab  Gb

         C                    F       G          F
    I thought that they were angels, but to my surprise
            C                  F             G             F
    They climbed aboard their starship and headed for the skies
             C              F
    Singing come sail away, come sail away
          G        F
    Come away with me
     C              F
    Come sail away, come sail away
          G             F
    Come sail away with me (rpt to end)
    I was just recording a cover of this (davemcginn2.dmusic.com), and the
    chords I found on this site are a little wrong, so I just copied the 
    lyrics and stuff from the other version and made the few changes to the
    chords. Sounds better, I think. I threw in the little intro riff thing
    that's played on piano, too.Enjoy!
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