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Smashing Pumpkins - Thirty Three Chords

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Thirty Three Chords

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Smashing Pumpkins
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                I've seen several versions of this song posted around the 
internet, but wasn't satisfied with any of them, so here's 
my own work on it. 
Chords: o= open string x= not played 
     G   C  Dsus2 
e    3   o   o           The main problem with other tabs is 
b    3   1   3           the Dsus2 chord, which many confuse 
g    o   o   2           with simply D. But if you listen 
d    o   2   o           carefully you can hear the 
a    2   3   o           difference.  Billy uses this chord 
E    3   o   x           in Tonight, Tonight too. 
Other notes: This is played with three guitars. 
Guitar 1: Phaser/flanger w/delay and reverb. (Only plays the   
          changes. Phase/Flange and the delay are increased      
          after "on my own...)" 
Guitar 2: Acoustic (strums chords throughout) 
Guitar 3/piano: Clean Electric (plays small lead riff   
Intro: G x3 
  C              Dsus2            G      
Speak to me in a language I can hear 
  C       Dsus2           G     
Humor me before I have to go 
  C               Dsus2         G 
Deep in thought I forgive everyone 
         C               Dsus2            G 
as the cluttered streets greet me once again 
  G                C      Dsus2 
I know I can't be late 
  G                       C     Dsus2 
supper's waiting on the table 
  G                          C    Dsus2 
Tomorrow is just an excuse away 
  G                                  C    Dsus2 
So I turn my collar up and face the cold, 
(let Dsus2 ring) G (as soon as "own..") 
on my own. . . 
  C                Dsus2            G 
The earth laughs beneath my heavy feet 
  C                Dsus2            G  
at the blasphemy in my old jangly walk 
  C                Dsus2            G 
steeple guide me to my heart and home 
  C               Dsus2            C 
the sun is up and out and down again 
I know I'll make it 
love can last forever 
graceful swans of never 
Dsus2           C 
topple to the earth 
  G                    C    Dsus2 
and you could make it last forever,  
 G                 C    Dsus2 
you could make it last forever  
and for a moment I lose myself 
 Dsus2                              G 
wrapped up in the pleasure of the world 
 C                      Dsus2            G 
i've journeyed here and there and back again 
 C                           Dsus2            G 
but in the same old haunts I still find my friends 
 C            Dsus2       G 
mysteries not ready to reveal 
 C             Dsus2      C  
sympathies I'm ready to return 
I'll make the effort 
love can last forvever 
graceful swans of never 
 Dsus2          C 
topple to the earth 
 Dsus2              C 
tomorrow's just an excuse  
 Dsus2               C      G 
tomorrow's just and excuse away 
 G             C    Dsus2     
could make it last forever, 
 G                 C    Dsus2 
you could make it last forever, 
 G                 C    Dsus2 
you could make it last forever 
C    Dsus2 (let ring) 
forever  you... 
Outro: G x4 
   For the piano/Clean electric here's what is played: 
riff 1: 
e|-------------|       Riffs 1&2 are played whenever a G is  
b|9-8-9-11-9-8-|       played pretty much. For the intro and 
                       outro they alternate, and for the           
riff 2:                rest Riff 1 is used almost 
e|------11-8---|       exclusively. Just listen to the CD   
b|9-8-9------11|       for the timing and changes between              
                       the two. 
As always comments/suggestions/corrections are welcome! If 
anyone has any more specific info on the effects used on 
Submit corrections

        Thirty Three lessons Hard to play? Try these video lessons and learn fast Thirty Three lessons
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