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Soma Tabs

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Smashing Pumpkins
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                OK Here it is!

soma -- smashing pumpkins (billy corgan/james iha)

This is my way to play the chords:

       B     E     G    F#     A     C     F     D 

Hints: use chorus, reverb, echo, and Ebows to get it to sound like the record.
 Or just have fun with it.

intro -- this is very approximate - repeat 2x-|

                                               band in

just repeat something similar to the above intro stuff with the rest of the
band until the vocals come in, then play the chords written above the lyrics.
with over 40 guitar tracks on this song alone, the best thing we can hope to do
is approximate it -- hell, on stage, the Pumpkins only have two guitarists.

lead w/full band:

                                                            into the vocals

[for the vocals, play something similar to the intro w/lead part]

B        E       G 
nothing left to say
B            E       G 
and all i've left to do
B       E        G
is run away from you
               B  E  
and she let me on down
     G               B   E
with secrets i can't keep

[play that lead part here for the next 4 lines]
G                   B    E
close your eyes and sleep
G                 B E
don't wait up for me
G                  B    E   G
hush now don't you speak to me

[crank up the mellotron here...]
B          E       G
wrapped my hurt in you
B           E               G
and took my shelter in that pain
B      E      G 
the opiate of blame
               B     E          G 
is your broken heart heart your heart

[lead w/Mike Mills on piano, playing the chords]
       B       E    G
so now i'm all by myself
B       E      G
as i've always felt
    B      E       G
and i'll betray my tears
      B   E      G              F#
to anyone caught in our ruse of fools

B                        F# 
one last kiss for me yeah
one last kiss
good night

[solo1] play E G A F# under solo1

Okay, the amazing thing about this solo -- and I sh*t you not -- is that not
only is it on an acoustic guitar (!) driven by an Ebow (!!), but there are
FOURTEEN studio tracks of it! (!!!)  So don't worry if this isn't exact. :)
                                bend up & down

              normal guitar, let open strings ring into power chords

[Distortion! Power Chords! YES!!]

A   C   G                F              A   C  G 
          didn't want to lose you once again 
               F       A     C  G
didn't want to be your friend
            F               A  C  G
fulfilled a promise made of tin
and crawled back to you
    B       E    G
now i'm all by myself  (close your eyes and sleep)
B       E      G
as i've always felt    (don't wait up for me)
    B      E      G
and i'll betray myself (hush now don't you speak)
      B   E
to anyone lost 
anyone but you

[solo2] B  E  G under solo2
[to be finished at a later date, when my physical therapy is done]

A  C  G            F              A  C  G
        so let the sadness come again
on that you can 
  E       G
depend on me
D         C             E  
until the bitter bitter end
       G       D
of the world
when god sleeps in bliss
    B       E    G
and i'm all by myself
B       E      G
as i've always felt
    B      E    G
and i'll betray myself
      B  E G
to anyone.  

[back to clean chords]
B       E       G
nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
B         E        G
yeah yeah yeah nah nah nah nah nah
B         E        G
yeah yeah yeah nah nah nah nah nah
B         E        G
yeah yeah yeah nah nah

Sincerely Yours,
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