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Say Anything - Peace Out Chords

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Peace Out Chords

(ver. 2) Click to play this song!
Say Anything
This is the song with the correct intro/main verse riff, as well as slightly alternate chords. 

The ver 2 chords up are just about right, this is just an update to be thorough.

Say Anything
Anarchy, My Dear (2011)

D     (xx0232)
A     (x02220)
E     (022100)
Dsus2 (xx0230)
F#m   (x4422x)
D5    (xx023x)
A5    (x022xx)
A6    (x042xx)
E5    (022xxx)
G     (320033)   

Main riff:
    D       A   F#m    E

Repeat throughout 1/2 of 1st verse:

    D               A           F#m          E
Sometimes I feel a baby nipping softly at my heels
    D             A                  F#m             E
A reminder of how fat and scared you love to make me feel
   D              A                  F#m           E
A curse of such a fetching fraud without a soul to speak
   D             A               F#m           E
Inspired thirty songs I could've written in my sleep
(Switch to strumming or arpeggios)
    D                A           F#m         E
You snort a line of syphilis and run the marathon
     D                  A            F#m                 E
Your mentally deficient friends just ask you what you're on
  D              A            F#m             E
I may be shy and not reply to your scathing review
    D              A            F#m               E
But I'd rather subsist on venom than abstain with you

    Dsus2   F#m   A
Oh, I'll___ be___ fine
E          Dsus2  F#m    A
Sever this for___ all___ time
     E            Dsus2   F#m     A
I'll laugh it off when___ this___ ends
E            Dsus2  F#m       E           F#m
You can just go get high with all of your dumb friends

D A F#m E x2

Main riff through 1/2 of verse 2:
          D                A                F#m            E
I was the kind to ask what wrongdoing had injured Dahmer's pride
   D              A                F#m             E
Or to excuse the junkie thief with diamonds in his eyes
    D             A               F#m           E
But now I taste a righteous fury sparkling with hate
             D                 A                    F#m             E
Well, you'll diddle this earth up and think, "Fetch mommy! It's too late!"

     D5                  A5              A6             E5
I'll bite your head off, spit it out and let it plunge away
D5               A5                    A6        E5
You and all your kind won't stamp your future on today
    D5                    A5                A6               E5
The beat thumps loud, you sweat it out and grind on them for drugs
    D5                   A5      A6             E5
You hug that pole like a firefighter falling in love

(Chorus x2)

F#m   |E     |Dsus2 |A  E  | x2

F#m                 E
Never another song, never another thought
Dsus2               A       E
Never another song, not for you
F#m                 E
Never another song, never another thought
Dsus2         G
Never another song

(Chorus x2)

Last Chorus:

Dsus2        F#m   A
You____ were my___ crutch
E          Dsus2   F#m      A
Now I've escaped__ your___ clutch
   E           Dsus2     F#m     A
So how is that worm's___ eye___ view?
E            Dsus2~    F#m~      E~      F#m~
I have grown two broad wings and now I'm above you


~ = let ring
A6 can be substituted by F#m. 
Also, the G at the end of the bridge is more of the dulcimer.
The guitar's not clear, it could still be the D or an E.
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