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Robbie Williams - King Of Blokes And Birds Chords

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King Of Blokes And Birds Chords

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Robbie Williams
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                King of Blokes and Birds:  By Robbie Williams
This is a great song and the CD is great. This is also my first tab so I hope that
it is accurate and that you enjoy it.
				-The Jackal


.... speak so loud
D	         C
I cant hear what you say
Em	          D		C
Except for the occassional word
Em	    D	         C
So fates a sentimental side
It bothers me
Em	      D		    C
No longer king of bloke and bird


A	   C
All of my life
A	     C
Searching hard
A	        C
Down in the wilds
Of love

Brief Instrumental For  One Measure: Em, D, C


G	         C
Summon me now
C	        Am   C
Summon my life   away
G	         C		Am
Summon me onto another day


Em		     D
A hand through the clouds
Keeps knocking me down
Em       D              C
It's no less than I deserve
Em	     D
They built museums
I dont visit them
Em		  D	           C
I've made enough trouble of my own


Into the night
A	   C
Searching hard
A	        C
Look for the light
Of love

Another Brief Instrumental For one Measure: Em, D, C


G	        C
Summon me now
Am		C
Summon my life away
G	       C		Am…….C
Summon me on to another day
G	        C		     Am		     C
Summon the evening winter waves of falling down again
G	             C                Am
I sing from the chaos in my heart
C        Em
My heart


Em		D
Then comes the evening
That makes life worth living
Em	         D		    C
Shoving the shoes out in the light
She walks in
I can hear her

End on a Strong Em Chord

"To Educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society" -Theodore Roosvelt
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