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Ray Boltz - Watch The Lamb Chords

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Watch The Lamb Chords

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Ray Boltz
G              D         Em      Em7
Walking on the road to Jerusalem,
C                    D          G
The time had come to sacrifice again, 
G            D                Em              Em7
My two small sons, They walk beside me on the road,
 C                     D                    G
The reason that they came was to watch the lamb.

G       D               Em     Em7
Daddy, daddy, what will we see there,
C                        D        G
There's so much that we don't understand,
G                   D        Em     Em7
So I told them of Moses and Father Abraham,
C                   D                G
Then I said dear children watch the lamb,

G                    D              Em              Em7
When we reached the city, I knew something must be wrong,
C                       D              C                  D
There were no joyful worshipers there, No joyful worship songs,
G                     D                Em            Em7
I stood there with my children in the midst of angry men,
C                              Em
Then I heard the crowd cry out
Let's Crucify Him.

    Em                 Em7         C
We tried to leave the city, but we could not get away,
Em                      Em7      C
Forced to play in this drama, a part I did not want to play,
Am                     C                 D
Why upon this day were men condemned to die,
Am                    Am7         D
Why were we standing here, Where soon they would pass by.

G             D         Em        Em7
I looked and said, even now they come,
C                        D        C                 D
The first one cried for mercy, The people gave him none,
G                   D              Em            Em7
The second one was violent, He was arrogant and loud,
  C                     D       C                D
I still hear his angry voice, screaming at the crowd,

     Em                    Em7       C
Then someone said there's Jesus, I scarce believed my eyes,
  Em            Em7        C
A man so badly beaten, He barely looked alive,
Am                                    C              D
Blood poured from His body, From the thorns upon His brow,
Am                        C              D
Running down the cross, Falling to the ground.

   G                   D           Em              Em7
I watched Him as He struggled, I watched Him as He fell,
C                             D         C              D
The cross came down upon His back, The crowd began to yell,
         G                  D              Em                Em7
In that moment I felt such agony, In that moment I felt such loss,
C                             D                    Am     Em       D
Till a Roman soldier grabbed my arm and screamed, "You, carry His cross!"

Em                         Em7            C
At first I tried to resist him, Then his hand reached for his sword,
Em             Em7        C
So I knelt and took, the cross from the Lord,
Am                            C                 D
I put it on my shoulder, And started down the street,
Am                                       C               D
The blood that he'd been shedding, was running down my cheek.

      G          D                   Em                         Em7
They led us to Golgotha, They drove nails deep in His feet and hands,
 C                              D      C               G
Yet upon the cross I heard Him pray "Father, forgive them."
     G            D             Em           Em7
Oh, never have I seen such love in any other eyes,
C                           D          C                 G
Into thy hands I commit my spirit, He prayed and then He died,

Em                            Em7        C
I stood for what seemed like years, I'd lost all sense of time
Em               Em7           C
until I felt two tiny hands, holding tight to mine,
Am                                   C                D
The children stood there weeping, I heard the oldest say,
Am                             D        G
Father please forgive us, the lamb ran away.

G       D               Em        Em7
Daddy, daddy, what have we seen here,
C                        D        G
There's so much that we don't understand,
G                     D        Em                      Em7
So I took them in my arms and we turned and faced the cross,
C                   D                G
Then I said dear children watch the lamb,
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