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Ray Boltz - Thank You Chords

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Thank You Chords

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Ray Boltz
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The sub-pastor for my church is leaving because we now have our new pastor 
(hurray!). However, I wanted to sing this song for him tomorrow after his 
last sermon. I couldn't find the tabs/chords, so I listened to the song, and 
learned it. Thought I would share. 

P.S. From VERSE 3 to the end of the song, you can either CAPO1, 
or move up the different chord (in parenthesis). 

G                   D
I dreamed I went to heaven
    Em                  G
And you were there with me
C                  G
We walked upon the streets of gold
C                  D 
Beside the crystal sea
G                     D
We heard these angels singing
Em                       G
Then someone called your name
C                       G
You turned and saw this young man
           C             D
And he was smiling as he came
            G                  D
And he said friend you may not know me now
Em                    G
And then he said, but wait
C                    G
You used to teach my Sunday School
C               D
When I was only eight
G                        D
And every week you would say a prayer
Em                     G
Before the class would start
C                    G
And one day when you said that prayer
        C    D      G   
I asked Jesus in my heart

G     D       Em            G
Thank you for giving to the Lord
C      G             C     D
I am a life that was changed
G     D       Em            G
Thank you for giving to the Lord
C    D           G
I am so glad you gave

G                        D 
Then another man stood before you
Em                    G
And said remember the time
C            G
A missionary came to your church
C                         D
And his pictures made you cry
G                    D
You didn’t have much money 
Em              G
But you gave it anyway
C              G
Jesus took the gift you gave
           C       D      G
And that's why I'm here today

CHORUS (repeat)

VERSE THREE [CAPO1(Standard Tuning)]
G(G#)           D(D#)
One by one they came
Em(Fm)                 G(G#)
Far as your eyes could see
C(C#)             G(G#)
Each life somehow touched
C(C#)          D(D#)
By your generosity
G(G#)              D(D#)
Little things that you had done
Em(Fm)         G(G#)
Sacrifices you made
C(C#)               G(G#)
They were unnoticed on the earth
C(C#)     D(D#)  G(G#)
In heaven now proclaimed

VERSE 4[CAPO1(Standard Tuning)]
G(G#)                 D(D#)
And I know that up in heaven
Em(Fm)                 G(G#)
You’re not supposed to cry
C(C#)           G(G#)
But I am almost sure
           C(C#)         D(D#)
There were tears in your eyes
G(G#)              D(D#)
As Jesus took your hand
Em(Fm)                   G(G#)
And you stood before the Lord
C(C#)             G(G#)
He said, my child look around you
C(C#)        D(D#)  G(G#)
For great is your reward

CHORUS[CAPO1(Standard Tuning)]
G(Ab) D(D#)   Em(Fm)        G(G#)
Thank you for giving to the Lord
C(C#)  G(G#)         C(C#) D(D#)
I am a life that was changed
G(Ab) D(D#)   Em(Fm)        G(G#)
Thank you for giving to the Lord
C(C#)D(D#)       G(G#)
I am so glad you gave
C(C#)D(D#)       G(G#)
I am so glad you gave.

I hope you enjoy it!

GOD Bless.
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