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Bulletproff I Wish I Was Tabs - Radiohead

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Bulletproff I Wish I Was Tabs

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Am7, Cmaj7, Gmaj7/B, Dsus2


e --------7---------7------------------------------------------|
B --7/8-------7/8-----------------------7---------7------------|
G ------0---0-----0---0-7p0-0-0---7p0-0---0-7p0-0---0-7p0-0-0--|
D -------------------------------------------------------------|
A -------------------------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------------------------|

e ----------------------------------------------------------------|
B --------5---------5------------------5---------5-------------3--|
G --4p0-0---0-4p0-0---0-4p0-0-0--4p0-0---0-4p0-0---0-4p0-0-0---0--|
D -------------------------------------------------------------0--|
A -------------------------------------------------------------1--|
E ----------------------------------------------------------------|

    G    Gmaj7/B Cadd9
e --0-------0------0----|
B --12------7------5----|
G --11/0----6/0----4/0--|
D --12------7------5----|
A ----------------------|
E ----------------------|

    Am7 Cmaj7 Gmaj7/B Dsus2 Csus2 G/B G Cadd9 Bb6
e --0----0------2-------0-----X----X--3---3----X--|
B --1----0------3-------3-----3----3--3---3----3--|
G --0----0------0-------2-----0----0--0---0----0--|
D --2----2------0-------0-----0----0--0---2----3--|
A --0----3------2-------X-----3----2--2---3----1--|
E --X----X------X-------X-----X----X--3---X----X--|

(chorus riff)

e ----------0----------------0--------------------------0--------------------------|
B ---------12----12---------12----12----12------------7-7---7-------7---7----------|
G --11p0------------11p0----------------11--11p0--7p0-0-------7p0-0---------0---0--|
D -------12---12---------12----12----12---------------7---7-------7---7---7---5----|
A ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------|

e ------------0---------------0--------------------|
B --------5-------------5-----------------5-----3--|
G --4p0-----0----4p0-------0--------0-----------0--|
D ------5------------5-----------5-----5--------3--|
A ----------------------------------------------1--|
E -------------------------------------------------|


Am7   Cmaj7   Gmaj7/B   Dsus2
Limb by limb and tooth by tooth
tearing up inside of me
everyday every hour wish that I was bullet proof

Wax me, mould me,
heat the pins and stab them in
you have turned me into this
just wish that it was bullet proof

G, Dsus4, C

bullet proof

so pay me money and take a shot
lead-fill the hole in me
i could burst a million bubbles
all surrogate and
bullet proof

bullet proof
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