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Radiohead - Exit Music Chords

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Exit Music Chords

(ver. 1)
Radiohead, Exit Music (for a film).
Capo 2
Bm: X02210
Bsus2: X02200
Bsus4: X02230
F#: 022100
D/A: 332010
Eadd9/G#: 2X0230
B: X02220
Emadd9/G: 1X0230
Am11: 3X0313
E7/G#: 2X0212
F#sus4: 022200
C#: X2444X
G: 133211
C: X1333X

Bm - Bsus2 Bsus4 (quickly) - Bm (twice)
Bm              F#        D/A           Eadd9/G#
Wake from your sleep, the drying of your tears, to-
Bm        F#        Bsus4          B
day we escape, we escape.
Bm            F#        D/A            Eadd9/G# Em...
Pack and get dressed before your father hears us, 
    Bm       F#   Bsus4             B 
before all hell breaks loose.
Am11         E7/G#
Breathe, keep breathing,
Bsus2 Bm   Bsus2 Bsus4  Bm
don't lose___   your nerve.
F#sus4    Am11                 
          Breathe,____________ keep
E7/G#        Bsus2    Bm   Bsus2 Bsus4
breathing, I can't do this      alone.
Bm          F#sus4          F#

Bm         F#      D/A           Eadd9/G#
Sing us a song, a song to keep us warm,
Bm               F#          Bsus4   B
there's such a chill, such a chill._____ And
Bm        C#    F#        G
you can laugh a spineless laugh, we
          C         F#
hope your rules and wisdom choke you. And
Bm          F#    D           Eadd9  Emadd9
now we are one in everlasting peace,_____ we hope
Bm              F#             Bsus4    B
__    that you choke, that you choke, _____ we hope
Bm              F#             Bsus4   B
__    that you choke, that you choke,_____ we hope
Bm              F#             Bsus4      B
__    that you choke, that you choke._____
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