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Queensryche - Another Rainy Night Tabs

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Another Rainy Night Tabs

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                Hello all,

Someone requested this song a few weeks ago so I figured I'd give
it a shot.  I'm pretty sure it's a lot more complicated than what I
have here, but what the hell...
This should suffice...
Some notes on my tab:

                     Another Rainy Night (Without You)
                             by Queensryche
                             TAB by Paul D.

This first bit is really doubled an octave lower by a second guitar,
and a third guitar plays the chords indicated above the tab.  The
most efficient way to do this if you've only got 2 guitarists is to
use an octave pedal or a pitch-shifter (most multi-effects processors
have pitch-shifting built in) for the lead line and have the other
guitar do the chords.  I've tried to indicate the end of a measure
(count of 4) with a vertical line:

             Bm        A5            Bm        G       Em

Bm        A5  G5  Am          C   G   Am          F     G


Then after the intro (when the vocals start), switch to a clean tone
and play the following:
||*-5-------|-4-------*||  repeat 3x

Then, when the vocals go "You leave me wanting/Always leave me wanting more",
play this:
Then it's back to those other two chords with another guitar palm-muting
an open A.

When you get to the pre-chorus, play this:




Then it's back to the intro bit up to the Am chord and those clean chords
again, pre-chorus, chorus (except for the last 2 measures), and then the

I know I've said it before

Hate the sound of the closing door

Bb                       A
You're footsteps walking away

When you play that last "A" chord, guitar 2 should do this:

And there you have it, except for the solo, which is a bit outta my
league.  I CAN tell you that the chords behind it are Am, F, and G with a
C and D thrown in at the last measure.
I think what I've tabbed here should be enough for you to get the song.
If I've left something else out, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Questions/Comments/CONSTRUCTIVE criticism welcome (by email!)
Flames intelligently rebuked (if I feel like it)
Paul D.

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