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Paul Wright - You're Beautiful Chords

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You're Beautiful Chords

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Paul Wright
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Hello everybody! I heard this song and had to learn to play it. It’s not that hard.
The verses have an arpeggio type picking pattern. The chorus and bridge are strummed.
Just listen to the song and it will make sense. I am confident that everything is
correct so rate it!  You can play all the chords in first position. But playing barre
chords starting with Em at the 7th fret will sound truer to the song. Good luck, God

Verse 1:
  Em             C       G                    D
The world is watching us from a distance
   Em             C         G                    D
Wanting more from their own existence
 Em    C       G                            D
Tell me how do we make a difference
Em       C          G              D               Em                       
For eternity does anybody want to know why we’re alive

    G      C
   Oh oh oh oh
             C                Em
 What’s the purpose of this life?
    G       C                                
 Oh oh oh oh

  Em         G                   C                            
 Before I die and I leave the world behind
  Em            D                C                                         
 I want to know why I’m alive

Verse 2:

  Em       C        G                    D
You’re created for the Creator to live inside
    Em          C          G                   D
There’s a hole in your soul and I know that you try
   Em     C         G           D                   Em
To fill it with every little thing but the very one who can heal it
                                                               C              G         D     Em
And bring hope to a world that wants to know why they’re alive



    D                            C
Spirit cry for this generation (generation)
    D                                          C
We’re chasing the wind trying to embrace it
    G      D                     G                                                    D
Open our eyes to all the lies that we try to justify when deep down inside

C                                                               Em  C  G  D
All we want to find is someone that loves us all of the time and it’s you
Em  C     G      D
Yea it’s you oh oh
Em  C  G  D
Only you
Em         C     G    D
Yes it’s you oh oh oh

      Em         C        G                                             D
You’re beautiful came down from heaven just to save my save my soul
Em       C       G            D
Beautiful oh oh oh oh oh
               Em        C
You’re so beautiful
             G                                   D
The people of this world are praising you and they are
Em       C        G       D
Beautiful oh oh oh oh
           Em             C         G                                D
You’re so beautiful came down from heaven just save my save my soul
Em       C           G         D
Beautiful oh oh oh oh oh
Em     C       G    D 
Now I’m beautiful 

Opps I copied an pasted from msword but when it pasted all the chords got misalligned
so they are exactly over where the chord changes are in the song. But they are still
line for line correct.  This is my first contribution so rate me!
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