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Broken Down Angel Tabs

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NAZARETH - Broken Down Angel
(Agnew, Charlton, Sweet, McCafferty)
Nazareth 1973

This is the way I play the song. It is quite simple, nevertheless there is no doubt 
about Broken Down Angel being one of Nazareth's classics. 
It is best played by two guitar players, for the simple reason that sometimes both
the lead and the rhythm guitar are equally important at the same time. By the way,
if you play it with two guitars, one should try to play the accompaniment of the 
verse and also the chorus an octave higher/lower than the other one. Doing so, 
each one has something to play, and it sounds fantastic. Enjoy!

Slide:             --7s5--   
Left Hand Muting:   --x--
Bend String:      --5b(7)--
Release Bend:     --(7)b5--  
Hammer On:         --h3--     
Pull Off:          --3p--

e :-----------------|-------7b(8)-7-5-|7----------------|-----------------|
B :-5------5--7--9--|9b(10)-----------|--7b(9)-7-5-7b(9)|(9)b7--7b(9)-7-5-|
G :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
D :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
  :                 |                 |                 |                 |
e :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
B :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
G :-9---------------|-----------------|-9---------------|---------------9-|
D :-9---------------|-7---------------|-9---------------|-9-------------9-|
A :-7---------------|-7---------------|-7---------------|-9-------------7-|
E :-----------------|-5---------------|-----------------|-7---------------|

    She used to be...
e :-----------------|
B :-5-4-3-----------|
G :-----------------|
D :-----------------|
A :-----------------|
E :-----------------|
  :                 |                
e :-----------------|
B :-----------------|
G :-----------------|
D :-----7--9--779x--|
A :-7-6-5--5--555x--|etc.
E :-----------------|

  ...someone you could depend on,
     D                A              E
  to brighten up your coldest winter day

          B                            E                   A
  But the one she leaned upon, let her down, now has moved on

      E                B
  And morning brings another empty...

...day                        Now she's...
e :-----------------|-----------------|
B :-----------------|-----------------|
G :-----------------|-----------------|
D :---------2-------|--------------2--|
A :-----------------|-----------------|
E :0-3b(4)0----3b(4)|-0--0-3b(4)-0----|


   A        B         E            A       B                    E
...only a broken down angel, she's only a bird that's broke her wing

         C#m      G#m      A               B
   She's only someone, someone who's gone wrong

         A      B                     E
   She's only a child that's lost her way


   F#                C#                F#                B
e :-----------------|-----------------|-2---------4s6---|-4h6p4-----------|
B :-----------------|-2---------------|-----------------|-------7-------9-|
G :-3----3-1h3p1----|------3-1h3p1----|-----------------|------------11---|
D :--------------4--|--------------4--|-----------------|-----------------|
A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|

   F#                C#                F#
e :-----------------|-9----------9s11-|-9---------------|-----------------|
B :-11-11-9h11p9----|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
G :--------------11-|-----------------|-----------------|-11----11--------|
D :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-11h13-11--------|
A :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|
E :-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------2-3-4-|

   E         A
       She's only...
e :-----------------|
B :-----------------|
G :-----------------|
D :-----------------|
A :-----------------|
E :-0---------------|
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