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Teenage Politics Tabs

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                Intro.:  Solo:  (A#  G  C  F)
Riff 1)

Verse 1:
A#              G
No I'm not mad, But I think they forget
C                                  F              A# 
What it's like and how hard it is,   to be a teenager
A#                         G
This is a new day and age, We read a different book
C                              F
Where Elvis ain't the rage and polyester ain't the look

Interlude:  A#

Verse 2:
A#                    G               C
Will we change at all when we get old or will we be the same
F                        A#
Never do what we're told  well that depends on you
Are you doing the right thing
C                                  F                       A#        B
It's not about control it's about    you and me and understanding

C            F
Teenage Politics,  It's too confusing
C                F                        (2x)
Politics Schmolitics,  Too confusing

(Interlude) (Intro)

Verse 3:
A#               G
Is it time again to disagree
      C                            F         A# 
About anything and everything and what's on TV
A#                    G
It's a vicious circle never-ending
C                 F          A#          B
A linear equation worldly extending


Verse 4:
A#                        G
No I'll never be like you I'll never ever be like you
C      F                     D# D     A# 
Oh no      (2x)        I'm just like you

that the OLGA had no MxPx tab so I decided to transfer a few songs.  In 
time I hope to get every song I can on OLGA.  Send more if ya gottem. I did 
not tab this out.  But I have played it and it is consistent.  The bass 
tab is usually exactly the same as the guitar part.  
                      "PUNX NOT DED" 
                                 -Ryan Sumner
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