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Loeb Lisa - Stay Tabs

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Stay Tabs

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Loeb Lisa
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                : This is my version of "Stay" by Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories
: (soundtrack of the movie "Reality Bites). I believe not everything is
: exact but you'll be able to play it if you follow these chords. Any
: remarks and changes welcome.

Thanks for the chords, Laurent ... for those who are interested, here's
my tab for the intro and verses.  I've also made some minor corrections
to a couple of chords as pointed out by a previous follow-up post.
   C#           Bbm           Ebm       Fm          F#

(C#) You say  (Bbm) I only hear what I want to (Ebm-Fm-F#)
(C#) And you say (Bbm) I talk so all the time-so (Ebm-Fm-F#)

(Ebm) And I thought what I (C#) felt was simple
(Ebm) And I thought that I (C#) don't belong
(Ebm) And now that I (C#) am leaving
(Ebm) Now I know that I (C#) did something wrong cause I (F#) missed you
(F#m) Yeah, I missed you (F#-C#-F#-C#)

(C#) And you say (Bbm) I only hear what I want to
(Ebm) I don't listen hard
(Fm) I don't pay attention to the (F#) distance that you're running or to
Anyone, anywhere
(Ebm) I don't understand (Fm) if you really care
(F#) I'm only hearing negative, no no no-bad

So I (Ebm) turned the radio (C#) on I turned the radio up (Ebm)
And this woman was (C#) singing my song
(Ebm) The lover's in love  and the (C#) other's run away
The (Ebm) lover is crying cause the (C#) other won't stay
And (Ebm) some of us hover (C#) when we weep for the (Ebm) other who
was dying
Since the (C#) day they were born well
(Ebm) Well this is not that
(C#) I think that I'm throwing but I'm (Ebm) thrown (C#)

And I (Ebm) thought I'd live forever but now I'm not so sure
You try to (F#) tell me that I'm clever but that won't take me anyhow
Or anywhere (C#) with you (Ebm-C#)

And (Ebm) you said that I (C#) was naive
And (Ebm) I thought that I (C#) was strong
(Ebm) I thought "hey I can (C#) leave, I can leave"
(Ebm) But now I know that (C#) I was wrong cause I (F#) missed you
(F#m) Yeah I (F#) missed you (C#-F#-C#)

You said "you (Ebm) caught me cause you want me 
And one day I'll let you go"
You try to (F#) give away a keeper or keep me cause you're know
just to (Ebm) scared to (Fm) loose (F#)

And you say (C#), (Bbm) "stay" (Ebm-Fm-F#)

(C#)You say (Bbm) I only hear what I want to.(Ebm-Fm-F#)

Written by Lisa Loeb. (1993 Lisa Loeb, BMI). c1994. Universal City
Studios, Inc.
Soundtrack "Reality Bites"
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