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The Rain Song Tabs

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Led Zeppelin
 To whomever posted Ten Years by Zep, thanks for a great post
 That was one hell of a one page post. 

What post?
(Well someone overflowed our news area so maybe that's where it went)
Only one page and one hell of a post.
But that song is so long!
I'm curious so would appreciate if anyone could repost or Email me a copy.

By the way heres some tab I did once.


As played by me but not necessarily by J.Page.

Done in standard tuning.
The measures shown separate certain phrases (as percieved by me)
and are not necessarily related to any timing measures.


  G5    Gmaj7                   Eb/G      Gsus2 G
   !  #  !  #  			   #  

		      Gsus2(add Eb)  
		  ?      #


   Ab9  G9  Gm9	  Csus4/F C/E  C   
	  #  ! #                  X

           X X 			   X X			  X X

                    Cmaj7        Bm7sus4  Bm7

|--2-----------------|---|----0-0---------|  (go back to intro)

The up tempo section is just bashing G,F,C chords
Played over 
"I felt the coldness of my winter,.... I never thought - you would ever go
G                          F           C               G 

I do this (These chord strokes do NOT match the words)
G   G   G G (E) F  (E)  F  F (E) F F   C  C  C C (A) G  (rest then repeat)

Where chords are:  
G   =  355455 
F   =  133211
C   =  X3555X
(E) =  0XXXXX
(A) =  X0XXXX

   G	       F	    Cmaj7       Bm7  	

   Cmaj7  Dm7      Ebmaj7 Fm7


  (hold down chord shapes)     ^   ^     ^       (pregnant pause) 
  (let notes ring)            (Ritard)		

	!	slow up stroke on chord (i.e 1st to 6th)
	#	strum softly for a while 
	()	notes within brackets optional (or de-emphisized)
	[]	notes I use that are definitely not in recording
	=	let note ring from last chord rather than re-strike
	%	repeat last measure
	X	muted
	0h2	hammer-on
	2p0	pull-off
	/ \	slides
	^	suggest use of upstroke to pick
	?	NOT a mistake - striking the mute here sounds more interesting

	Note1	This appeggio is what I do but does not match recording 

	Note2	An easier alternative Eb/G is...

Use downstrokes for all chords shown on TAB, 
except for those marked "!" (upstroke)
and the "#" (alternate up/down strumming or whatever suits).

I use downstrokes for just about all the notes except for those noted "^"
near the end, where the different accent of an upstoke is important to
colour these D notes.

I have used "=" to highlight certain places where I let a note let ring after 
a chord rather than re-strike the note. (Because I think re-striking sounds
too strong in these places.)
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