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Hurt - Falls Apart Ukulele

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Falls Apart Ukulele

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                Hi, it took me ages to work this out & I think it's right. In any case I
think it sounds really good :)
search " hurt falls appart emi sessions" for the acoustic version
i worked from. (i know the appart is spelt wrong- the title of the
vid is spelt wrong!

Band: Hurt

Tuning: 1/2 step down (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)

Chords used (I don't know the names of some of them as I'm self-taught):
Am:     x0221x
C:      x3201x
F:      x33211
F(/A?): 533xxx
C#b/w : x55x3x
C2:     x320xx
Cbarre: x355xx

intro: (in the electric version the bass plays the root notes first)
Am C F F Am C F F Am C F F Am C F F

   Am         C           F
I messed up again when I tried
     Am             C       F
You spend all your money & die
  Am         C               F(/A?)            F
& oh by the way with all you did nothing has changed
   Am          C             F
So lie like a waste by the side

C2         C#b/w          Am
  & everything just falls apart
C2         C#b/w         Am
  & everything just fell apart for me
Ambarre      C2
 Cracked my head & broke
Ambarre      C2
 Cracked my head & broke my
Ambarre      C2                Am
 Cracked my head & broke my... heart

Verse2(chords the same as verse 1):
"& I don't feel the need to go on
I was happier singing along the way
I had things I need to say but now it's like a swallowed tape
That holds up my face from inside"


F               C          
& woe is me yeah
Oh woe is me yeah
F   C          Am
It all .......fell apart!!

verse 3 (chords the sasme as verses 1 & 2)
"& the hell of it is what we are
We finish & wish we could start again
Our skin tears away as our memories fade with age
& we don't even know until it's gone"

for the outro, the chords are the same as the first two lines in the chorus:
[C2 | C#b/w] It's all behind me
[C2 | C#b/w] But it still reminds me
[C2 | C#b/w | Am | Am~~~] How everything just falls apart

play around with the picking, peoples!
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