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I Don't Believe Tabs

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Greenwheel   - "I Don't Believe"
Album        - Soma Holiday - Soma Holiday (Track 7)
Record Label - None
Release Date - April 1st 2000

Standard Tuning (EADGBE)
p - pulloff
/ - slide
h - hammeron

This is my first tabbing attempt, I think i did a pretty good job

The song starts on the first verse, I appended the lyrics at the 
end and it also shows the order for the song to be played. The only 
odd part is the last chorus, it kinda sounds like the way I put it, but 
it might be different.

e |-----------5/7-----|-----------------------|
b |-------------------|-------8--------7------|
g |-------------------|------------9p7--7-----| x 6
d |-------------------|---------9-------------|
a |-------------------|-----------------------|
e |--0(Let Ring)------|-7---------------------|

(Second time the first and second G and D are strum twice)
        G                  D                  C                  C
e |-3----------------|-2-----------------|------------------|------------------|
b |-3----------------|-3-----------------|------------------|------------------|
g |-0-(Let Ring)-----|-2-(Let Ring)------|----------0-------|----------0-------|
d |-0----------------|-0-----------------|-2--2-4-----2-4---|-2--2-4-----2-4---|
a |-2----------------|-------------------|-2------2-------2-|-2------2-------2-|
e |-3----------------|-------------------|------------------|------------------|

        G                  D                  C                   C    
e |-3----------------|-2-----------------|------------------|--------0----------|
b |-3----------------|-3-----------------|------------------|3------------------|
g |-0-(Let Ring)-----|-2-(Let Ring)------|----------0-------|----------0--------|
d |-0----------------|-0-----------------|-2--2-4-----2-4---|--2-4-------2-2----|
a |-2----------------|-------------------|-2------2--------2|-------2-----2-----|
e |-3----------------|-------------------|------------------|-----------------3-|

        G                  D                  C                  C
e |-3---3-------------|-2-----0------------|----------0-----|---------0-------|
b |-3--------3---3----|-3---------3--------|------3---------|-----------------|
g |-0--------0--------|-2------------2-----|----------------|------0----0-----|
d |-0-----------------|-0------------------|----2--------2--|0p2-2---------2--|
a |-2-----------------|--------------------|----------------|---2-------------|
e |-3-----------------|--------------------|-3--------------|-----------------|

(First Chorus x2, second is x1)
        G                  D                  C                           C
e |-3---3-------------|-2-----0------------|---0-------0-------------|----------------------------|
b |-3--------3---3----|-3---------3--------|---1---------------------|---------------3-(Let Ring)-|
g |-0--------0--------|-2------------2-----|---0---------------------|---------0------------------|
d |-0-----------------|-0------------------|-2-2--2--4---2--0p2-0p2--|-2---4----------------------| 
a |-2-----------------|--------------------|---3---------------------|----------------------------|
e |-3-----------------|--------------------|-------------------------|----------------------------|

        G                  D                  C                           C
e |-3-33--3-----------|-2-22----0----------|--0-00--------------------|-0-00----------------|
b |-3-33-------3---3--|-3-33--------3------|--1-11--1--3---1----------|-1-11----------------|
g |-0-00-------0------|-2-22-----------2---|--0-00-------------0------|-0-00----------------|
d |-0-00--------------|-0-00---------------|--2-22--------------------|-2-22---0---0h2p0----|
a |-2-22--------------|--------------------|--3-33--------------------|-3-33----------------|
e |-3-33--------------|--------------------|--------------------------|---------------------|

        G                  D                  C              
e |-3-33--3-----------|-2-22----0----------|--0----------|
b |-3-33-------3---3--|-3-33--------3------|--1-----1----|
g |-0-00-------0------|-2-22-----------2---|--0-----0----|
d |-0-00--------------|-0-00---------------|--------2----|
a |-2-22--------------|--------------------|-------------|
e |-3-33--------------|--------------------|-------------|

Song ends on a G chord


Well, I don't believe in anything
She says to me
And I don't believe that
She cares for me
And is it me that she loves
Or is it someone else
Cuz I've got to know
Before I leave

Is it the warmth in her touch
Or the sweetness that's in her kiss
My heart's tellin' me
Never let go of this

Is it the look in her eyes
With a brightness that's in her smile
I Walked the world for her
She couldn't walk me a mile
She couldn't walk me a mile

The days go past
And the time slips away
It happened all so fast
I couldn't make her stay
And all the memories she left
Well, they rest in my head
Sometimes I feel
that I'd be better off dead
I'd be better off dead

(slight pause)
CHORUS (First 2 lines or CHORUS then first line of BRIDGE 4 times then G chord)

NOTE - In the middle or so of the second verse there is another guitar 
that picks up and can be heard in the background, it doesn't sound hard 
but it is hard to hear what is played.
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