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Game Theory - Look Away Tabs

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Look Away Tabs

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Game Theory
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                Enclosed is the tab for "Look Away" by Game Theory.
Please let me know if this works this way!  I don't know how
to use FTP correctly!  I have three more Game Theory songs
I'd like to submit when I figure out how!

Aaron Milenski

Look Away

Opening chords: D A E

    A     F#m   D     A   F#m    D     A      F#m  D
E |---------------------|-----------------------|------------------|
B |---------------------|------------2-2------2-|--2b3r2-----------|
G |---------------------|--------2-4-----4-2----|---------4-2------|
D |-0-----------------2-|-4-2-4-----------------|------------------|
A |---4-2-4-2-0-0-2-4---|-----------------------|------------------|
E |---------------------|-----------------------|------------------|

Guitar # 1 plays the first measure twice.  Guitar # 2 plays as above.
Guitar # 1 is silent during the 3rd measure.

A                        F#m               D
They say it comes to you like a light in a dark blue night
A             F#m           D            A
Irresistible, too clean and too bright.  I tried to sleep it off
F#m            D            A
And I tried to hate it off, but I don't want to wait
F#m            D                D A E    D A E
I just don't want to wait                       (intro guitar pattern)
A             F#m               D       A
Every morning another darkness falls, holds me gently
F#m          D          A
but it won't let me go.  And when I say I want to get away
F#m              D              A                F#m
I mean I want to get away.  Now, shine the light shine the light
             D   A E
I won't look away  (4X)

    A                  F#m                D
E |------------------|------------------|------------------|
B |------------------|------------------|------------------|
G |-2222222222222222-|-2222222222222222-|-2222222222222222-|
D |-2222222222222222-|------------------|------------------|
A |-0000000000000000-|------------------|------------------|
E |------------------|------------------|------------------|

    A                        F#m          D             A
E |-------------------------|-------------------------|------------------|
B |-------3-3-2-------3-3-2-|-------3-3-2-------3-3-2-|-5555555555555555-|
G |-2-2-2-------2-2-2-------|-2-2-2-------2-2-2-------|------------------|
D |-------------------------|-------------------------|------------------|
A |-------------------------|-------------------------|------------------|
E |-------------------------|-------------------------|------------------|

    F#m                D                    A
E |-8-8-8-------------|-8-8-8-------------|-8---8---8---8---8---8-|
B |-------10-10-------|-------10-10-------|--10--10--10--10--10---|
G |-------------9-9-9-|-------------9-9-9-|----9---9---9---9---9--|
D |-------------------|-------------------|-----------------------|
A |-------------------|-------------------|-----------------------|
E |-------------------|-------------------|-----------------------|

    F#m                             D                   A
E |-15-15-15-12-15-15-15-15-15-12-|-15-15-15-15-12-15-|-12-15-15-15 (4X)|
B |-------------------------------|-------------------|-----------------|
G |-------------------------------|-------------------|-----------------|
D |-------------------------------|-------------------|-----------------|
A |-------------------------------|-------------------|-----------------|
E |-------------------------------|-------------------|-----------------|

    A          F#m                 D
E |-12-15-15-|-10-10-10-10-10-10-|-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-|
B |----------|-------------------|--9--9--9--9--9--9----|
G |----------|-------------------|----------------------|
D |----------|-------------------|----------------------|
A |----------|-------------------|----------------------|
E |----------|-------------------|----------------------|

    A                                       F#m
E |-----------10-10-10-----------10-10-10-|-10--10--10--10---|
B |-9-9-12-12----------9-9-12-12----------|----9---9---9---9-|
G |---------------------------------------|------------------|
D |---------------------------------------|------------------|
A |---------------------------------------|------------------|
E |---------------------------------------|------------------|

    D                  A  F#m  D   A
E |-10--10--10--10---|-0---------|-------3-3-2--------3-3-2---|
B |----9---9---9---9-|-2---------|-2-2-2--------2-2-2---------|
G |------------------|-2---------|----------------------------|
D |------------------|-2---------|----------------------------|
A |------------------|-0---------|----------------------------|
E |------------------|-----------|----------------------------|

Play this last measure ten times.  Chords go A A F# D

    D           (play harmonics on these notes)
E |-----------------------------------------------|
B |-----------------------------------------------|
G |-------7-7-6---7-7---7-7---7-7---7-7---7-7-7---|
D |-7-7-7-------7-----7-----7-----7-----7---------|
A |-----------------------------------------------|
E |-----------------------------------------------|

D A E   D A E  D A E  D A E
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