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Five Man Electrical Band - Werewolf Ukulele

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Werewolf Ukulele

(ver. 1)
Five Man Electrical Band
Five Man Electrical Band

Standard Tuning

Heard this great song when i was younger and was surprised that there were no tabs for it.

Again - as with all my stuff - it might not be dead-on for the fussy types. For the rest - enjoy !

Intro : D Cascading down to A

A (rings out)

Verse 1

Momma said (G -> A)

      (Bass walks up to ->)  D
"Theres something weird 'bout Billy..."
A                                                 E
"I looked in his room, his bed wasn't slept in at all last night."
     A                                            D
But Papa said "Ah, now Momma dont you go talking silly..."
              G                    D                        A
"He's just a young boy, he's just sowing his wild oats and thats alright."

     A                                             D
But momma said "No, something real strange bout my Billy...."
A                                               E
"Farmer down the road said he lost a few of his sheep last night."
               A                                              D
"I know he's my own flesh and blood but he makes my blood run chilly..."
         G                      D                         A
"Cause I saw him from my window and he was on the hill just screaming at the moonlight!"

Is it any wonder 
We hate to see the sun go down?
And is it any wonder 
                   A                           D        A
We hate to see the full moon coming round ?

Verse 2

    A                                                 D
So Papa said "I guess theres only one thing to do 'bout Billy."
A                                                    E
"Hand me down my gun son and bring along that silver dinner bell..."
     A                                       D
But Momma said "Paaa-paaaaaa! I beg you dont kill him!"
         G                     D                      A     
"Cause I just couldn't bear to think about my baby in hell!"

             A                                                 D
but he went down to the blacksmith got him out of bed and said "Get your fire hot!"
    A                                                       E
"Oh! shut up your shutters and close down your doors, we're gonna need all the heat you got!"
         A                                         D
"Cause I want you to melt my silver bell down to a single shot...."
         G               D                             A
"I got a job to do and I got to get it done before the sun comes up."

Chorus (Short - the timing is a little different than the other choruses)

So is it any wonder 
                                A             D
That we hate to see the sun go down?

D Cascading (same as intro) down to A

A                   (*)     (Bass walks up to ->) D
Then we heard a shot.. and I said "Papa got him..."
A                                                   E
Then we heard a scream.. and Momma smiled and said "Betcha Billy got him..."
            A                                              D
But when I lifted up my eyes there was Papa in the doorway staring at the floor 
       G                        D            A   
And my big brother Billy never did come home no more 

So Is it any wonder 
We hate to see the sun go down?
And is it any wonder 
                   A                           D        A
We hate to see the full moon coming round ?
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