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Girl, It's You Tabs

(ver. 1)

Girl It's You - Devotion

Chords Used on Girl It's You

Bb			C# (on 4th fret)	Eb (on 6th fret)
e--0--|-----|-----|	e--0--|-----|-----|	e--0--|-----|-----|
b-----|--0--|-----|	b-----|-----|--0--|	b-----|--0--|-----|
g-----|-----|--0--|	g-----|-----|--0--|	g-----|-----|--0--|
D-----|-----|--0--|	D-----|-----|--0--|	D-----|-----|--0--|
A--0--|-----|-----|	A--0--|-----|-----|	A--0--|-----|-----|
E--X--|-----|-----|	E--X--|-----|-----|	E--X--|-----|-----|

F (on 8th fret)		F# (on 2nd fret)	G# (on 4th fret)
e--0--|-----|-----|	e--0--|-----|-----|	e--0--|-----|-----|
b-----|--0--|-----|	b--0--|-----|-----|	b--0--|-----|-----|
g-----|-----|--0--|	g-----|--0--|-----|	g-----|--0--|-----|
D-----|-----|--0--|	D-----|-----|--0--|	D-----|-----|--0--|
A--0--|-----|-----|	A-----|-----|--0--|	A-----|-----|--0--|
E--X--|-----|-----|	E--0--|-----|-----|	E--0--|-----|-----|

Cm (on 3rd fret)

Change up Chords after bridge

B (on 2nd fret)		C#m (on 4th fret)	 E
e--0--|-----|-----|	e--0--|-----|-----|	e-----|-----|-----|
b-----|-----|--0--|	b-----|--0--|-----|	b-----|-----|-----|
g-----|-----|--0--|	g-----|-----|--0--|	g--0--|-----|-----|
D-----|-----|--0--|	D-----|-----|--0--|	D-----|--0--|-----|
A--0--|-----|-----|	A--0--|-----|-----|	A-----|--0--|-----|
E--0--|-----|-----|	E--X--|-----|-----|	E-----|-----|-----|

 A 			F#m (on 2nd fret)
e-----|-----|-----|	e--0--|-----|-----|
b-----|--0--|-----|	b--0--|-----|-----|
g-----|--0--|-----|	g--0--|-----|-----|
D-----|--0--|-----|	D-----|-----|--0--|
A-----|-----|-----|	A-----|-----|--0--|
E-----|-----|-----|	E--0--|-----|-----|

F# G# F# G#
F# F Eb G# C#

C#			    F#			   Bb
If you were right here with me I would want you to see
F#				     G# 		Bb  Eb
That without you girl there would be noone else in this world

(repeat chords ending second round with F# after the Bb Eb progression then prechorus )

G#					F#
And all I do is think of you cause the feelings I have are so true
     G#				    F# G#  Eb
Each day I wait when I can say that I love you

(Cause Girl It's)

C#		   G#		  Bb	   G#			   F#
You that I've been wanting all my life and girl you know that it's right
	F#		Bb		     Bb	     Cm	      Eb
When I looked into your eyes I knew that I'd give my heart to you
G#	  C#
Girl It's You

C#	   G#		   F#			  G#
As fast as it may seem I'm tired of hiding all my hopes and dreams
	     F#		      G#		    F#	  G#	    Eb
Girl there's no other way and wait for the day that I can feel your lips

(Girl It's)

Change up chords on final chorus
E		   B		  C#m	   B			   A
You that I've been wanting all my life and girl you know that it's right
	A		C#m		     C#m     	      F#m
When I looked into your eyes I knew that I'd give my heart to you
B	  E
Girl It's You
(ending chords A B E)
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