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Carrie Underwood - Cowboy Casanova Chords

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Cowboy Casanova Chords

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Carrie Underwood
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(Whole song uses two finger power chords)
  D5 F5 C5 A5-Bb5(x3)

N/C                        D5 F5 C5-C5  A5-Bb5               D5 F5 C5-C5  A5-Bb5
You better take it from me         That boy is like a disease
D5           F5              C5-C5                        A5-Bb5          D5
You run and try and your tryin to hide You’re wonderin why you can’t get free

N/C                                D5 F5 C5-C5  A5-Bb5       D5 F5 C5-C5  A5-Bb5
He’s like a curse he’s like a drug         You get addicted to his love
D5                   F5                   C5-C5                           A5-Bb5   
You wanna get up and he’s holdin you down Cause you can’t live with out him one 
       A5    C5
more time

        D5*   E5*  F5                     Bb5                      A5  
He’s a good time cowboy Casanova leanin up against the record machine
D5   E5    F5                                 Bb5             A5  
  He looks like a cool drink of water but he’s candy-coated misery
         D5        E5          F5                            
He’s the devil in disguise, a snake with blue eyes
       G5                A5    
And he only comes out at night
          Bb5                      C5                     N/C
Gives you feelings that you don’t wanna fight, You better run for your life.


N/C                          D5 F5 C5-C5  A5-Bb5             D5 F5 C5-C5  A5-Bb5
I see that look on your face         You ain’t hearin what I say
D5                   F5                   C5-C5                           A5-Bb5   
So I’ll say it again, cause I been where you been and I know how it is
You can’t get away 

Eb5                         D5 F5 C5-C5  A5-Bb5              D5 F5 C5-C5  A5-Bb5  
Don’t even look in his eyes,        he’ll tell you nothing but lies
D5                   F5                   C5-C5                           A5-Bb5   
And you want to believe, but you want me to see If you listen to me and take my
  A5    C5

  (Line 1)                        (Line 2)

Run, run away, Don’t let him mess with your mind, He’ll tell you anything you wanna hear

He’ll break your heart it’s just a matter of time, But just remember, 

(Chorus) * N/C for first two chords of Chorus

D5 F5 C5-C5  A5-Bb5
(Oh-Oh)  Oh you better run for your life
D5 F5 C5-C5  A5-Bb5
(Oh-Oh)  Oh you better run for your 
D5 F5 C5-C5  A5-Bb5     D5         D5 
(Oh-Oh)            life
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