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Longest Time Tabs

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Billy Joel
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I tabbed this out originally just for my own sake, entitling the file "The
Singalongest Time" (considering that's exactly what I was designing it for;
to give myself a little accompaniment seeing as I don't have an a capella
group comprised solely of Billy Joel or anyone else for an entourage.)  I
ended up liking the result so much that I thought I'd make it my first tab
ever shared with the WWW.

(For bassists, you can pretty much just follow along with the lowest string
one harmonizing note.)


Oh yeah, and I did it in dropped-D, Capo 1, just to be a bastard.

Don't worry, you'll like it.

Capo: 1

e |----------------------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------------------------------|
G |----------------------------------------------------------------|
D |4-------4---7---9-------5-----5-4-------4---7---9-------5-----5-|
A |----------------------------------------------------------------|
D |0-------7---4---5-------7-----7-0-------7---4---5-------7-----7-|

VERSE (x2):
e |----------------------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------------3-3---------------------------------------|
G |----------------4-----------------------------------------------|
D |4---2---0---4---0-------4-------4---2---0---4-------------------|
A |----4---2---0-----------------0-----4---2---0---7---2---4---4-5-|
D |0---------------5-------0-------0---------------6---2---7---7-5-|

e |----------------------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------------------------------|
G |----------------2-------7---5---4-------0-------6-----7-7------o|
D |--------0---------------4---0---0-------2-------5-------4------o|
A |4---1---2-------4-----------------------------------------------|
D |4-----------------------0---4---5-----4-2-----0-7-------0-------|

Repeat [INTRO],[VERSE]


Arpeggiate these chords twice each (como "0-2-2-2, 0-2-2-2," etc): 
A   x0222x
Bm  x2443x
C#7 x4342x
D   0x423x

F#m 4x422x
Bm  x2443z
E7  22x13x
A   (see below)

(** Where I've placed X's above, simply don't bother to arpeggiate those
strings! **)

Climb back to the VERSE with the A chord varied like so:


...then INTRO section to fade.  I'll possibly revise this tab with an ending
you can play live at some point.


tab) or have gripes about something I overlooked in the tabbing process.  My
meter in the tab should be pretty damned precise, but who knows what I may
have screwed up.  I'm currently exhausted.

Billy Joel is the man for this song (and many others).

Hope you've enjoyed my rendition!
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