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Bad Astronaut - Our Greatest Year Tabs

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Our Greatest Year Tabs

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Bad Astronaut
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god damn, how does the caper do it?

pm - palm mute
~ - vibrato
p - pull off

Intro - acoustic sound
e -------------------|
B -------------------|
G -------------------|
D -2-2-3-2--0-0-2-0--|
A -3-3-3-3--2-2-2-2--|
E ----------3-3-3-3--|

Verse - let notes ring
e -0-------1---3------3----------------------------|
B -1---1---1---0---1--0-----0----------1h3h1-3-5-3-|
G -0---2---2---0---0--0--3--2----------2-----2-----|
D -2---2---3---0---2--0--3--2--3---2---2-----0-----|
A -3---0---3---2---3--2--1--0--3---2---0-----------|
E ---------1---3------3--------1---0---------------|

e -------------------|
B -------------------|
G -------------------|
D -2-2-3-2--0-0-2-0--|
A -3-3-3-3--2-2-2-2--|
E ----------3-3-3-3--|

(0:47) play verse again, but strum faster

(1:19) harmonica solo over the top of this section
e ---------1-----------------------------|
B -1---1---1-------1--------0-----1--3---|
G -0---2---2---0---0--0--3--2-----2--2---|
D -2---2---3---0---2--0--3--2--2--2--0---|
A -3---0---3---2---3--2--1--0--2--0------|
E ---------1---3------3--------0---------|

(1:51) played with a chorus effect and tremolo
"even though i run away from you..."
e -1----3------------|
B -1----0----5----1--|
G -2----0----5----2--|   play 3 times, then
D -3---------5----2--|
A ----------------0--|
E -------------------|

(2:23)       *Distortion kicks in
e -1----3-----------------------------------|
B -1----0-----------------------------------|
G -2----0----2--2----2--2-----2--2----2--5--|
D -3---------2--2----2--2-----2--2----2--5--|
A -----------0--0----0--0-----0--0----0--3--|
E -----------------3-------3--------3-------|

e -------------------------------------------|
B -----------------------------5---1p0---5---|
G ---------5---5-\---------5---4-------2-----|
D -3---5---5---7-\-3---5---5---2-------------|
A -3---5---3---7-\-3---5---3-----------------|
E -1---3-------5-\-1---3---------------------|

e ------------3-------------------------------|
B ------------0------------------------1---3~-|
G ---------5--0--3--2------2-----1---2-----2~-|
D -3---5---5--0--3--2----3-----2----2------0~-|
A -3---5---3--2--1--0---3-----2----0----------|
E -1---3------3--------1-----0----------------|

acoustic sound
e -------------------|
B -------------------|
G -------------------|
D -2-2-3-2--0-0-2-0--|
A -3-3-3-3--2-2-2-2--|

and thats it!

just an amazing track. joey cape is the absolute king.
The album this song is off is mad, so if you've only
heard this song, get the album. my other fav song off
it is "not a dull moment" and if ure looking
for some new tracks, try and get hold of armchair
martian version of "You Deserve This".

if u got any comments, drop us a line -
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