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Andy Williams - Love Story Chords

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Love Story Chords

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Andy Williams
                         Love Story  - Andy Williams

Tuning: standard

Original key sounds like Bbm but it's easier for guitar fingering to play in Am. 
Of course you can use capo on 1st fret if you want to play in Bbm.

If you are not experienced with "complex" chords don't worry - they are not always 
more difficult to play just because they have long names. Don't skip over them - 
they are what makes the song sound so good! Below are  the chord positions I use. 
The hardest finger stretch is on Bbm7/Ab (Bbm7 with Ab in the bass)Use little 
finger for the Ab bass.

      Am    Bdim   Am7/G      F      E7      A      A7

      Dm7    G7    Cmaj7   Fmaj7     B7   Bbm  Ebdim Bbm7/Ab    F7

Am                                                 Bdim
Where   do   I  begin, to  tell  the  story of how great a love can be 
                             Am             Am7/G
The sweet love story that is older than the sea 
F                             E7
The  simple  truth  about the love she brings to me 
Where do i start.

Am                                                  Bdim
With  her  first  hello  she gave a meaning  to this empty world of mine 
                           Am           Am7/G
There'd  never  be another love another time 
F                        E7
She came into my life and made the living fine 
E7           A    A7  
She fills my heart . . .

A7           Dm7              G7                        Cmaj7
She fills my heart  with very special things, with angel songs 
          Fmaj7                    E7                  Am
With wild imaginings,  she fills my soul  with so much love 
Am              Dm7          G7               Cmaj7              Fmaj7
That anywhere I go  Im never lonely  with her along who could be lonely     
                B7                E7 . . .
I reach for her hand  it's always there 

Am                                                 Bdim
How long does it last, can love be measured by the hours in a day 
                               Am                 Am7/G
I  have  no  answers  now  but  this  much  I can  say 
F                             E7                                Am
I know I'll need her till the stars all burn away and she'll be there. 

(Now there is a key change - everything goes up one fret. Brilliant!)

Bbm                                                Ebdim
How long does it last, can love be measured by the hours in a day 
                                Bm                Bbm7/Ab
I  have  no  answers  now  but  this  much  I can  say 
F#                           F7                                Bm
I know ill need her till the stars all burn away and she'll be there 

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