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Amanda Seyfried - Little House Chords

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Little House Chords

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Amanda Seyfried
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                   Hi!  I just watched Dear John and looked up this song
and wasn't satisfied with the other versions, so I did my
own! This song is so sweet and I really love it! It's 
easy to play too!      Have fun:)

Playing the alternate G* makes a slight change that sounds good. 
It's really easy, just add the pointer.  But make sure you're not 
still muting(x) the 'A' and strum it too;)
G  [3x0033]
G* [320033] 

Standard Tuning   **I put ellipses (...) after chords that are  
Capo on 2           strummed only once, letting the chord ring out.

Intro (The D is strummed once fast, immediately going into the C)
G  G* D C...  G  G* C... 

G           Em
I love this place              
         C               D
But it's haunted without you 
G         Em               C  D                      
 My tired heart is beating so slow 

G                Em
 Our hearts sing less 
        C          D
Than we wanted, we wanted 
G                 Em              C               D
 Our hearts sing 'cause we do not know, we do not know  

C             D
 To light the night 
           G       G*      Em
To help us grow to help us grow             
C...       D...                G G* D C... 
 It is not said,   I always know 

G G*  C... 

G        Em
 You can catch me 
          C             D
Don't you run don't you run          
G             Em
 If you live another day 
        C            D                        C
In this happy little house the fire's here to stay 

C             D
 To light the night 
           G       G*      Em
To help us grow to help us grow             
C          D
 It is not said 
         G   G*  C    -The timing is different on this part than the
I always know          intro and others. Just listen to the song

Em             C
  Please don't make a fuss 
G            D
It won't go away 
Em           C
  The wonder of it all 
     G             D
 The wonder that I made 
                C... D... G G* D C...
I am here to stay 
                G G* C...                 
I am here to stay,       stay.

Well, have fun and rate:)
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